Not gaining exp

It’s not letting me gain experience. I’ve played around 4 or 5 versus matches and haven’t leveled up once, with boost. And I’m only 1st prestige lvl 40. After every match an error comes up and states that it was unable to fetch stats and because of that I’m gaining no experience to level up. I’ve been stuck at 400 or so exp for awhile.

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Same. I am not getting any xp or skill cards for completing games.

not getting exp from horde ether. just did 50 waves and didn’t get any exp cards or medal rewarded

That’s like 10x worse. Good 2 hours of playing and got nothing for it

The same thing happened to me. I completed 50 waves of horde and was mvp by far in the party. It couldn’t retrieve any of the data and I was so mad. Also, if you’re playing with Jack in Horde and use his Hijack ability sometimes your laser stops working. The only way to fix it is to intentionally die or leave the game and come back (which means everything you just spent leveling up his skills is gone).

I’ve been playing gears since the original game and never ran into this many problems. Also super annoyed you can’t choose to play tdm, koh, execution, etc… they just tossed them all in one mode. It’s probably the best looking campaign they’ve ever done and in my opinion this has been the worst multiplayer experience. I’m about to just go back and play gears 3 or 4 online instead.