Not feeling the point

Several rounds of horde and versus played but every time the game glitches or boots out. Whenever this happens all experience and drops,skill cards never get added. It’s disappointing to get to wave 42 with a group just to have everything crash and nothing to show for it.


I’ve had this happen in Horde but it was only during the early-release week of GoW5. But I hope you get your xp and cards :confused: when that happens the game typically plays “catch up” and after a few hours or a day, it’ll level up your char and give them the xp as well as cards you should’ve gotten previously.

Im pretty sure you get exp at the end of every wave instead of at the end. It’s because of that random crash is why they put that in there. I may not have seen myself lvl up or what loot dropped but I still got the exp and stuff.