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For those asking, #GearsTactics is single player and has no micro transactions. Not even cosmetic ones. Everything is earned in game. - Rod Fergusson


Awesome! Let’s celebrate!



No $100 skins?



Oh Envii, I’m sure your boys at EA are cooking something up just for you as we speak. :yum:

Hey btw @III_EnVii_III, forgot to ask you yesterday. Since you’re willing to spend so much cash on microtransactions and such, have you ever considered playing something like Star Citizen or Eve where the size of your wallet pretty much dictates everything?



I considered it but not my kinda games.


I’m off gaming for a while now,

I pretty much like one off SP games, mostly on PlayStation.

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More I see and hear about tactics the more I feel it’s going to be a better gears game than 5.


Hmm what’s the catch…

Gonna make you pay for missions?

Only thing you could really do is pre order for thrashball cole which is probably the closest to expensive or nice as its going to get that is if this even is a game you consider of course as alot of people arent into these things It seems.

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Black Steel Thrashball Cole yes,

Regular Skin,

No :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Tbh I wish gears 5 had the gun customization of the tactics game I mean that is just a goldmine for TC since I know some people would kill for their own style gun I mean I would and then you can have gun skins be retrofitted to other guns or have it work as a spray/sticker system idk but I would just left nut broken

Yeah I double checked to see if it was april fool before posting!