Not enough scrap given

Is it just me or do you not get enough scrap? I mean 5 at a time takes forever and the likelihood of getting doubles of epics and Legionaries is slim to non…maybe have some bounties placed for earning scarp.


I’m the opossoite - I have quite a bit of scrap but nothing to spend it on :persevere:

Well send some my way haha


Aha, if only :joy:

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Bounties might cost 40 Scrap to create Common and 100 Scrap to create Rare.
How much Scrap do you want earn from each?
It doesn’t really make much sense to me, prefer how it is now.

That is because you buy esports packs alot. If a player doesnt spend money on microtransactions he will struggle with scrap. I dont have that much of a problem either because I buy esportz but even so I dont have all my horde epic cards level 6 nor all scrappable weapons/characters

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Also, I don’t play horde :+1:

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good luck getting seriously 4.0 without paying real bucks

I seem to be ok. I have 12k scrap and 100k credits, guess i could buy more packs but im set

I don’t follow? Had no problem getting 4.0 (Emblem also) without paying for my scrap. Just juggle between Versus/Horde. (Also limited playtime, full-time job)

Honestly, you need to play and have a lot of patience to have credits and scrap.

It’s a total torture.

I’m sitting on like 40-50K Scrap and over 100K credits !!

Maybe TC could offer stuff for Campaign of spend for stats in Horde or something …

How did you accumulate so much scrap? Other than the normal playing…

Buying hundreds of packs.

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Loads of eSports Packs - I had over 80,000 until I bought hundreds of bounties for all the modes …

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Out of any strategies, Speed Runs are the quickest and easiest way of doing it, then spending on Featured Packs before converting into Scrap.

Only want the scrap for character unlocks, I don’t buy any Esport packs only the 2000cr packs. Plus i don’t want to scrap my bounties, I use them. Just feel that scrapping should be worth more than just 5 for common.

I have around 20k or so of scrap and haven’t even maxed out all of my Horde Skills yet - I’ve got about 10 of the less useful ones left to do like Cloak, Mortar Strike, Speedloader; and Rifle Magazine Capacity (all of the ones I actually use are maxed) and have all of the craftable characters (as well as all other characters from Gear Packs ). I hear about people who have much more scrap than me. Having said that I probably have far more in credits.

Personally I’m okay with the current levels of scrap given. I guess newer players coming in now will have far more to spend scrap on than launch players did, who would have had new craftable things released to us gradually.

Debatable that the new players just now coming in getting more scrap. I just hopped back into gears a few weeks ago. I did get a lot of crates to open along with the ones from season pass. But even with opening close to 30+ crates and scrapping the dups I barely had enough for a 600 scrap crafting Character. It was truly disappointing. Any ideas how I can obtain more scrap quicker without blowing a paycheck in the store for crates?

I didn’t say newer players have more scrap. I said that newer players have more to spend scrap on!

Launch players will have had a limited number of skins to craft, but now there’s alot more craftable skins from series 2 and 3, plus the Legacy characters from last year (Tai, Bernie, Dizzy etc). I basically said that a newer player will be overwhelmed by all the crafting options, whereas launch players will have spread their crafting over a longer period of time. It’s the same amount of scrap, just over different periods.

Horde ia the most effecrive way of getting credits, and therefore scrap. Also I know it’s frowned upon by some quarters, but speedruns are the most time efficient way. With the season pass bonus, an Inconceivable Ironman 1-50 run gets you a base amount of 3,388 (I think) credits, and you get extra credits for level ups and bounties.

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