Not Earning any XP

The fact that the problems that were in the tech test (matches taking too long to start and not getting results after playing Horde, Escape and Versus ) are still a thing really shows how extremely incompetent TC are as a developer for a “Triple A” game. 1548806043868

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I’m on console and have completed 2 full horde matches with no xp at all, glad to know it’s not just me

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I did a 1-50 last night and got no xp. Kinda hoped it would be fixed by now :cry:

So does that mean our horde match xp are just gone? Or will we get it eventually?

I’m almost done with the campaign but it says I only played almost 2 hours and all my collectibles are missing. I just did 50lvls of horde got the achievement but no xp or anything. Grrrr

Had a three day weekend to grind and enjoy but I also ran into this issue… :frowning: This has been rough.

My friend has been on level one all evening even though we’ve gotten past wave 20 on public horde twice. As for me, it stopped tracking horde tour of duty medals. I completed the daily ‘kill five scions’ challenge twice now and it keeps resetting when the match ends. Same thing for Claw kills. It was at 47/100, then it popped up as completed, and now it says it’s at 47 again. Unbelievable.

been stuck on Fahz lvl 8 all sunday I should have been atleast lvl 11 and have my 5th card slot
it’s demoralizing to play public horde that much with all the quits and not track my progression
effin sux

Is the stats and xp tracking still not working? Wanna get on and play but not gonna bother if it’s still broke. Definitely regret the pre order.

It seems to be working fine now. I’ve played a few Escape matches and so far, no errors and I’m gaining XP at last.

Last night I did some horde for my power challenges for the tour and after I got no xp and the challenge didn´t even budge as if I got no power above 15k (I did though) so idk then again I was in a private custom so idk.

Their status page says Progression resolved. Thats not true I played 3 horde matches yesterday and had no progression or stats at the end. I just gave up. I am still rank 10 since Saturday. Not going to play this game and let them sort things out.

im at level 1 still for two days of playing and i did 3 or 4 games of tdm and nothing and i did some of the tour of duty and i still dont have any stars i did 30000 damage and still nothing showing like i did it just no stars done …and why is my boost being used when im not playing i had 50 days played 2 now it says only 47 days left wtf.

Progression is working for me now on PC.

I did all 50 waves of horde last night and got 0XP feels bad man

Same here, windows 10

I started off gaining XP. I noticed one of my friends and I didn’t get any after running Horde last night.

So I don’t see any comments on here from crappy TC. Another half ■■■■■ game to put up with.

Do you get xp in custom games ?

You do
Unless you do a community Escape map and custom but other then that normal horde and normal escape will give XP in custom