Not Earning any XP

This morning I was able to get exp from matches and horde, but tonight I ain’t getting any! Come on game developers! If you’re going to release a game early make sure everything AFing WORKS!


Same here. Cleared 2 hives. Did a horde match. No XP.

When the game ends, I never get the rewards because it tells me it can’t get the results of the last match. Every. Time.


Welp just ran 4 hours of quickplay, I’m a die hard gears fan but if I’m not rewarded my xp i will be uninstalling Gears 5. What a disappointing release, problem after problem. Can never just grind. Sad.


It also happens to me, I just passed the 50 waves of horde and I get that “could not recover the results of the game”


I’m having the same issue like what’s the point of playing the game if we dont level up?? They shouldn’t have added iron into the game or any of the customization you guys did too much and it obviously cant handle the servers. Thanks TC


Not getting any xp or rewarded for competing tour or getting my ranks

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I prefer the old way of getting new stuff, coins earned from playing to buy boxes that have cards. The cards could be exciting if the content is updated frequently enough


The boost counter works a little too well…

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Me and a buddy completed 50 rounds of horde mode today and didn’t receive XP. I also haven’t received XP from any of my matches today. I’ve reset a few times due to getting stuck on the title screen and come back at numerous parts of the day. This game is dope af when its all working, I just wanted to mention it to bring it to developer attention.

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Just played 50 waves, no XP at all, no cards earned. 2.5 hours for NOTHING!
F this game and its bugs. I know it’s early, but man, so many bugs in this game. They should not have released it if not ready.


I agree, I liked the old way much better. Except how long it took to buy packs and scrap stuff. They just needed to speed that up quite a bit.
I don’t mind the auto scrapping of duplicate skins in 5 however. That’s how 4 should have been.

Same here, played all day today yet no xp.

same i bought the ultimate edition so i could get a heads start on the game but all ive been experiencing is disconnects, no xp gains, campaign with bugged filled glitches, and norank progression win 8 games in a row and still at the same rank. can i have 20 dollars back since i paid to play a game early that i cant even play! feels like master chief collection all over gain

I just finished 50 waves of hoard from start a few minutes ago and no xp or progress. It does however show I completed it in the stat tracking app on gears5 website. I didn’t get any xp or cards in the actual game. What a let down. Oh well just won’t play for a few days. If it keeps happening I won’t play at all.

Stop releasing unfinished games. Gears 5 was still in a raw state but you released it to your loyal fans. instead of game passing it or making it for ultimate edition you should of made this your tech test. The amount of bugs are pretty bad. I haven’t seen a bug ridden game like this since The Division 1. They really should do something for everyone afflicted by giving out a decent amount of iron or giving away that sweaty gear pack. Because we are basically a bunch of full price beta testers…

I logged in today to finish my reup. im level 70 and its been double xp, and i’m not sure how long this will last. I was quite happy with the quad boost. but now i’m not even gaining xp.

If this was their first game I could understand. But they have had a lot of time to iron out ■■■■. i mean this is basically gears 4.5 so i don’t even understand why they are dropping the ball so hard…

There were other issues that i was gonna let go but now its all adding up. Like the fact that i’ve unlocked 30 marks and 7 banners and 1 skin from supply drops and the tour of duty also rewards garbage. the good ■■■■ is in the store and you have to buy it with real money because getting iron in the game is insanely hard. And scrap is some ■■■■■■■■ too. I feel lucky to of done some of the challenges and promo ■■■■ because other wise i would of not unlocked ■■■■ in the way of skins.

furthermore I actually liked the old system of crates. not the pay only ones. but the ones that awarded credit based on games. Through that system i was still able to grind for the skins that someone else paid for. and if i still didn’t get the skin i would of then dropped 5 bucks or something and then maybe of gotten it. if i had run out of time or something. it was a decent system. not perfect but not so bad. it rewarded those who played the game and if you were super casual you could drop 20 bucks or something for a skin you really wanted. not ideal but it was a good balance and i again i say this about the credit crates not the pay only ■■■■■■■■ super expensive cash grab ones they started to implement towards its last year of service. that was when i left gears 4 because it felt like a game for high rollers lol.

The crazy thing that i’m not hearing anyone bring up was how ■■■■■■ the credit system was when gears 4 first dropped and how they caught backlash from fans over the earn rate for credits. AND LOW AND BEHOLD THEY ARE DOING IT AGAIN BUT EVEN FAR WORSE WITH IRON. AND NO ONE IS EVEN COMPLAINING. i wouldn’t even care about it if the prices in the store were not so steep. this isn’t a free 2 play game this is an 80 dollar game SO MANY ISSUES. Didn’t mean to hijack your thread like this but when I sit here trying to rationalize the bugs i start thinking about all the other ■■■■.


I beat your hive challenge on insane 2x, both with negative times (game read my time as 0 minutes 0 seconds). I played with two groups and not on of the 5 of us is on the leaderboards for the top spot. Your leaderboards don’t even show me beating insane; says hardest beat was elite. I’m on Xbox and my GT: I Lap The Flash On my profile is a 2 minute recorded gameplay clip, clearly showing we came in at 0 minutes 0 seconds and earned the top spot reward. I do YouTube and plan to do a video showing how to achieve the fastest time each week. My main character atm is Kahni and I really want that staff for my early uploads. Please make sure I get what I earned. I want my XP amd rewards too for missed matches but I’ll settle for the #1% reward (I assume I also by default earn the 10%).

Me la pasé todo el día de hoy jugando sin parar para aprovechar el X2 de XP y resulta que no están dando experiencia en el juego, entonces cuál es el chiste de pasar horas jugando.
La verdad comienzan a decepcionarme con el lanzamiento de GOW 5 .

Played several games after reupping last night how the heck does this just happen also reup reward was meh at best

Same issue. Played lots of games, still level 1. You would think after 4 other games, they’d know how to have a working game. There’s a reason I hate GOW.

We’re still working on Progression. At this time, Progression is saved but very delayed. Progression covers Tour of Duty, XP, Levels, Character Levels, End of Match Flow and more. You can track further updates at as well as right here in this thread.

Thats what they say above the forums, so if im correct this mean your XP will count, but its really delayed.