Not counting ranked games

I won about 15 escalations in the past 2 days. My wins on the website state that I haven’t even played a game of escalation. I have had 159 wins and it hasn’t moved at all, along with 190 games played. My percentage staying the exact same through all the wins. But I lose 1 game and all of the sudden that match counts and I lose 40%? Can somebody explain this to me?? Btw still been winning games this afternoon and it’s still saying I have 159 wins with 190 matched played on escalation…

Put this in main ranking thread. That’s where you’ll most likely be able to find an answer. Octus will most likely help if you ask in main thread.

As @iLLuZioNzZ_LE said, any ranking system discussions should be posted in the main thread which can be found here. This will allow TC to look at the ranking syst discussion all in one place. Also, Octus does respond to people’s post there so he can explain why your not ranking up but getting high losses or you can find a similar response in that thread.

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