Not buying Iron anymore

Nice to see with all the money TC rakes in from micropay, they can not stabilize their connections. There are free to play games with better stability than this. Every other time I play horde or escape, I get kicked for losing connection. The time it takes to go from a lag spike to a disconnect is like 3 seconds. There needs to be some kind of grace period or something for a network hiccup.

And no, my network is 100% stable over the time of disconnect and I have every port open for Gears 5.

If you want my business back, fix your game.

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Since the introduction of Gears Coins, you don’t really need to buy much iron anyway.

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Give him the benefit of the doubt that connection interruption icon does pop up way too much. It’s from the server end too. As far as their currency system, iron is worthless now. Even the coins are useless. Unless they come up with some other stuff we can spend it on. As the store sits now they are worthless.

Honestly. I can’t argue. I can’t even try.

There are so many free to play games with better servers.

Heck Phantasy Star Universe has kick ■■■ servers & there’s probably more people playing that. & if you’re idle for 4 minutes , they system recognizes this & you get kicked so another person can take your spot in that realm.

Pretty advanced servers for a free to play.

Wish gears servers weren’t funky & kick you mid match. I wonder why that even happens. Happened to me. I play any game I’m fine but gears it just kicks me, not always, but sometimes.