Not being able to shoot with Lancer

I play ranked TDM and recently it’s been happening often. I switch to a Lancer and won’t be able to shoot with it until I switch out and back to it again. it has also happened with the pistol. sometimes it happens right out of spawn too?

I’ve seen it also happening to others when spectating.
you guys must be experiencing it as well?

It’s an absolute pain in the derrière when you order a controller and get one without an RT button.

My condolences.

lol… when or if it happens to you let me know

Are you on PC, using gamerbar with a party overlay on?

This causes that issue for me

I’ll be sure to. But I wouldn’t hold your breath.

I’ve seen it happen when I play with @Cedar_On_Mid his lancer never seems to shoot

So many times I’ve saved you with my lancer fire, but you never notice

so it’s weird I noticed it on Pc, and then I got an xbox series X and it was also happening on it as well. mind you on my pc I use an xbox one controller, and on the series x I use the new series x controller so it can’t be the controller

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Your assists at the end of the game say otherwise

After the Packet Loss “Fix”, things like these are happening a lot more often.

Last night I went from a lancer with no trigger to being unable to switch weapons to conclude with a trekking session since apparently my weapons were banned (running around with no weapons).

I’m no longer mad at the game, I just use it as an excuse to chat with my buddies.

makes sense because it suddenly started happening and I didn’t remember any update recently. that must’ve been the change that affected it. I usually am just able to switch out and back to the weapon and it’s fine