Not being able to play as character skins in campaign is pretty bad

If you have the multiplayer skins for these characters you should have the option to use these skins in campaign as well. It’s pretty devaluing to be able to use these skins only in multiplayer.

Hell, in Resident Evil 6 I can play as school girl Sherry in campaign although in the cutscenes it defaults to their default outfit.

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I can see your point but I personally have no problem with it. They’re telling a story in the campaign and it involves certain visuals. I think a fair compromise would be if they let you replay the campaign with any skins, after playing it through the first time on defaults.


I don’t remember being able to use alternate costumes in RE6.

I think the bigger problem is that we have campaign skins that were time gated and are no longer available.

But if you wanna bring up RE6, then Gears should have done this: depending on the weather, our characters will wear armor appropriate (Winter armor in Icebound for example) for the weather. We could have had Desert Armor default JD. We would then unlock his Scarred variant and that version would follow the same rules. Character variants that are far outside the campaign style will just be worn the same way in all maps.

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In Ghost Recon: Wildlands’ campaign, the main character and his/her three AI mates are highly costumable and they keep their looks even in cut scenes.
From the game:

From a cut scene:

I have been saying for years that skins and weapon skins should be transferable. So many other games do this. It is only a small thing but it would be nice to have.

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It’s a Nintendo Switch exclusive to use Mercenaries skins. Other platforms never had this feature.


Kinda wish they just updated the game for all platforms, but whatever.