Not Able to Play Winter Baird?!

So I bought winter armor Baird but I can’t access the skin. Do I have to unlock the actually Baird card through tour even though I ALREADY BOUGHT a skin of him? Confused

Yes. You must own Baird to access Winter Baird. WB is just a skin and not the character itself.

Dont the people who ■■■■■ about this see the other threads other small brained people who complain about the same ■■■■ make??


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Been this way since the first characters were available.

While I get your point and can agree, the OP on this occasion was only asking and not really complaining albeit shouted at one point :+1:


Does it not actually say something like “you are about to purchase a skin for a character you do not own” or something like that?
How do you miss that?

Yes it warns you before making a purchase of a skin before unlocking the character. Some people are just dying to throw money at tc, warnings be damned!

This is the warning message that should appear before buying a skin for a character you do not have unlocked.

I can’t read and have no idea what that picture means. It was a great cartoon though.

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