(Not a problem anymore) All my characters, skill cards and skins are gone

Is this happening to everyone?

This isn’t the first time and I’m getting sick of this s***

Edit: everything came back now

Afaik customization data is saved on TCs end, so restarting should fix that issue.

I have restarted multiple times :frowning:

@TC_Sera would this situation worth a shot to create a ticket to TC ?

What about your save-data? Both local and cloud still there?

Yep and now everything came back. Thanks for trying to help :slight_smile:

It would be, but the very first thing recommended is a restart, followed by a reinstall.

EDIT - I should mention, if a Restart and a Reinstall have been attempted and the issue has not resolved, then put in a ticket following the best practices for submitting a ticket.