Not a big deal, but the Goon medal isn't working for me

The Goon medal is for getting 5 or more Kills without dying in a Versus Match.

You must do this 5 times to get the medal. I am currently sitting at 4/5 and it’s so frustrating not being able to get that last one.

I’ve gotten 5 or more Kills without dying in a Versus Match. Yes, I’m 100% sure they were Kills and not Elimination. And yes, I’m 100% sure that I got them before dying.

Once again, I don’t expect The Coalition to put any effort into fixing this. I’m mainly just venting. Maybe someone else out there is also having trouble wit this. Or maybe I’m misunderstanding the medal. Although, I’ve done it 4 times already so I must have done it correctly up until now.

I had the same problem at being stuck at 4/5 and I managed to get it, I was playing in a private custom match with the relic claw with some moddifications in the match, but I think none of that matters, I got a streak of like 40 or 50 enemies (all of them were bots) and all of the sudden the goon medal popped out.

You need a quint medal. 5 kills rapidly. Medal description has been wrong for multiple operations and with the amount of threads that pop up every operation you would think they would fix but nope. Just copy and paste every operation. It will show up again next operation


You have to get a ‘The Quint’ ribbon.

You might have gotten 5 kills or more without dying, but that only partially satisfies the criteria for ‘The Quint’ ribbon.

To get this ribbon, you must have 5 kills without dying and those consecutive kills must be within 5 seconds of each other.

This is why ‘The Goon’ medal didn’t pop up.


Oh, ok. That makes sense. Thanks for letting me know. Now I can formulate a strategy to get the medal… or just let it happen naturally like it has so far.

Host a private game of KOTH on Blood Drive, replace the Bultok with Relic Retro Lancer, set respawns to the lowest possible number and mow down the enemy as they leave spawn. Should only take a few seconds to get the quint ribbon and then the medal should be finished.

If you are doing it in competitive, then good luck because you have something like 5 seconds to get the next kill, and it just resets if you don’t make it.

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This works.

Or host a private Execution match on Mercy with Frags Only. Enemies will literally stand still upon spawning allowing you a very easy Quint ribbon.

Execution as any other mode will spawn them apart, it’s quicker just waiting for the next round, and Mercy as it seems the smallest map to travel to their spawn.


My goon medal was stuck on 4/5 for awhile (knew I needed a quint ribbon), but today while trying to get 40 kills in versus for a daily completion, I got it in my first match. I hadn’t been worried about it other than for the few stars because the other medals in the grouping require competitive versus play, which I don’t do.

14 player FFA beginner bots on core worked ok, but it definitely could be unreliable. I think I actually ended up with a seven streak maybe (don’t remember what that ribbon was)…. Still, that doesn’t sound as easy as that blood drive relic retro idea!

Not to brag, but that’s how I got the other 4. I can be quite the contender sometimes. Anyway, thank you for the advice. I finally got the medal! Yay me!

Instant cheese for this medal simple go to a private match king of the hill. I did all father arena. And put the setting to swap all weapons to the frag grenade fill with bots . The bots just stand there in spawn for you to stick a grenade to them job done.

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