Normal horde mode

Any idea when the normal mode of horde matchmaking will come back other than lobby browsing. using the normal match making system was a lot easier than the lobby system i just do not understand why they removed it anyway and replaced it with just horde frenzy and not keep both modes plus the event.

Too many modes and not enough players.

Speeds up matchmaking.


I understand that but having both modes is a lot better and since the difficulty change it should populate the difficulties instead of spreading the player base though many different difficulties like it was before.

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You can still do matchmaking, it’s just narrowed down to three difficulties to consolidate the player base more.

I mean the normal 1 - 50 mode, you now must use the server browser to find games (which is not a problem) instead of the normal just search for a game by selecting that mode and difficulty.

I didn’t realize they took it out. I’m a matchmaking guy myself, but usually stick around hard frenzy more.

yeah it’s a shame because some lobbies the host just leaves and other people follow where the normal mode you can just get in and out of games if that happens where a custom game you have to search over again for another match. as for horde frenzy I have nothing against the mode i also find it fun to play but sometimes I like to have the long 1-50 wave grind.

Its still there you just cant search for specific modifiers anymore its just beginner, advanced and inconceivable

only horde frenzy and the event are avalible from the main horde page normal horde that is waves 1-50 you have to use lobby browser to find a match.

This must have been added with the new map. It was regular horde yesterday I believe

yeah sounds like it must be, I only just returned to the game for the new season and today the modes are just Abyss (event) and horde frenzy.