Noobs that cant melee lunge anymore

Its funny to me when im in a 1 v 1 now in ranked seein some kids still trying to lock on with knife but it dont work anymore haha.


I also enjoy seeing that.

Two piecing is still happening due to still being able to knife immediately after shooting… But at least they’re working on adding a delay to that.

Once they add that delay, it’s going to be really fun to absolutely destroy the remaining scrubs who refuse to stop two piecing :rofl:



I even find myself using melee once or twice a match because the Gnasher isn’t doing any damage, lol. But I saw a new low yesterday.

4 Gnasher and a melee hit = 0%



Sounds like the usual in a typical match for me.


Well, there are a lot of videos on YouTube which can help you get better and get that number into at least mid teens…

(just kidding :slight_smile: )

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Once we get that delay after a shot we can kiss the 2-Piece goodbye.
I love punishing melee spams.

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I have definitely seen a major decline in players using melee since the changes went live. I think I’ve seen maybe only a few instances of a melee but even then it failed miserably, lol.

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I think it’s was better before the nerf. Now the game feel slow.

Lancers are still op and the game is a cover based shooter. But people will just camp. Not fun

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I managed to get a few solid hours in this weekend and, minus the usual shotgun consistences that resulted in me wandering into a vitriolic rage at TC that sadly my party chat had to endure , i actually had a blast and enjoyed Gears 5 playing Ranked Vs. and Quickplay Vs. - It’s only been 2 months since launch eh!

Shotgunning someone to the face as they are trying to lunge in is something quite wonderful. Only bettered by running into the same person on a 1v1 situation and again they attempt to melee from a great distance but instead are only greeted by the gnasher to da face!

Noobs that can’t handle a useful melee crying til it gets nerfed into uselessness.

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I’ve noticed that too, but if I am in range and the first shot gets sponged im gonna knife you

The lunge is clearly not as OP as before however, I can still melee way to fast, last night I ran out of bullets on the gnasher and couldn’t do anything else but wallbounce + melee, killed two people like that, I felt low after that…