Noob here, need gnasher tip


I’ve been off and on throughout a lot of the gears games but never went super hard core into them. I’m currently having trouble when being pressed from someone when I am behind a corner and they are approaching to the left. I do not know what I could possible do to get the upper-hand other than turning and running and waiting until I find a corner with a right side advantage. If I Up-A to the left, I pretty much lose all the time,

So my question is, is there a technique I’m missing or don’t know about? Or is the best option to back off and find a different angle?


If you see them first, fire the first shot and make sure you hit your second.

This way If you happen to trade damage your most likely to down them for the kill first.

Otherwise, it’s all movement and timing based trickery unless you have access to nades or some other power weapon.

Obviously, still try keep right hand advantage as much as possible.

Thanks buddy!

When taking the shots do you suggest staying glued to the wall for cover pop shots / slapshots?

I normally fire as quick as I can right out of cover because it’s the most accurate (hold trigger with back on wall, whole body exposed during shot). If you nail them with the whole spread your first shot you might be able to down with only part of the spread, blindfiring with most your body still in cover on your next.

Of course, there’s counter play to all this but its an option nonetheless.

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