Nomad feels worse in Horde lately

It is still the same thing ultimately!
The part you said about bosses needs looking at definitely. Having no extra damage to them is pretty poor considering other Ults.

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Don’t you need stim for that ?

If you can float near a combat medic, you can sometimes exchange a card for the stim on fear kill.

Yes but he has multiple ways of getting stim whether it be executing an enemy, killing one under fear or having other classes provide stim for you.

Also @RivalSky6321907 last time I tried that combination (Armored Shot; and Consecutive Shot) the bleed ticks would reset the damage stacks from Consecutive Shot. Unless they’ve fixed/changed it, these two cards are not (or at least were not) compatible. Granted this was back toward the end of operation 4, so quite a while ago.

The thing I like about Gunner is there is no meta setup for his perks. There’s several things you can do with him. I used to run a mulcher build but when they nerfed the mulcher dmg perk I kind of went back to the tri shot. I normally run
Bait Armor
Heavy weapon hits recharge ult
Concussion explosives
Fast cryo freeze
Reflect bleeds

I know I could take off faster freezing for serrated torque or ult reflects projectiles but I just find all these perks to be useful. If there’s a flyer I prefer explosive stun on a salvo just to stop him from shooting us. If it’s a warden, a matriarch, a carrier, a snatcher or a flock. The 200% faster freeze from a cryo is just so damn handy to bring.
The serrated torque is probably good on higher lvls but mine is only like lvl 2 and I almost always use a tri shot. So I don’t bring it.
Reflect Projectiles I use to bring but it really sucks it only lasts 6 seconds. It needs to last for as long as the ult is active.
I used to run Grace Period. For those times when I got downed and it gave me time to get up, find my gun and get back behind cover.
Heavy ammo capacity is nice but once I max out chaingun regen I hardly ever run out of ammo. If for some reason I do somethings gone wrong.

I think what we need to make the distinction between, is the meta in terms of skill card builds; and playstyles, which are both distinctly different things.

I agree that the Gunner is a pretty versatile class with a range of cards which can cover a number of different possible roles. Broadly speaking you have the following: (1) Torque Bow; (2) Ice resist and Cryo Cannon; (3) chaingun; and (4) explosives and stun. And in between you can create hybrid builds which combine say, 2 of these broad roles.

What I’m getting at, is that from my observations the meta playstyle for the majority of Gunner players is that they are quite one-dimensional and don’t use the Gunner’s skills to the fullest. Alot of players fixate on using one of the chainguns (Mulcher or Trishot) in a very “trishot warrior” kinda way - they sit behind cover and just fire at approaching enemies. The way I see it, is that anyone can use a Trishot. The Gunner obviously has the chaingun ammo regeneration perk which promotes this style, but equally there are lots of other strengths which seem to be underused.

But a decent and resourceful Gunner player, will vary their playstyle and be much more adaptable depending on the situation. You mention yourself the way you approach certain bosses and mini-bosses with the Flash Freeze skill card, which is you making good use of the resources at your disposal. Many players don’t tend to be as adaptable and will just stick with using their chaingun.

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I actually like the approach of having armoured shot card.

However, it’s going to be uphill struggle for Nomad to maintain a stim throughout the game (if you are playing masters). You could also say if you don’t have a team member to give you the stim (combat medic or veteran) then it’s going to be harder to get the bleed going.

They should add another passive ability for Nomad or give a skill card… That gives automatic stim just like Emile and Kat… Then maybe that card would be worth it.

I’m one of those guilty chaingun spammers as Gunner. The other stun/freeze cards are definitely good, but I just don’t often really find a situation where I would find them useful for what I’m doing, and I typically don’t have enough room in my card slots to use them. Generally in any situation where I would use, say, the Cryo, I often find myself wishing I had my chaingun to charge and spam Ult for invincibility. I have no problem with those that want to use them though. They are fantastic for the situations they are good for.

Armored Shot is kind of a skill-based card, I think. My guess is that the idea is to deal bonus damage while avoiding getting hit, to kinda go with the guerrilla warfare style of Nomad. Does that make it that good of a card? I don’t necessarily think so. But it is actually kinda great in Escape where it is a bit easier to isolate fire from enemies compared to Horde where it is easier to get surrounded.

I think it’ll make it good if consecutive shots and armoured shot stack together. IF that happens then it’s lot worth it.

Last time I checked it doesn’t work lol

I don’t think there’s any amount of skill that can stop the enemy shooting you the instant you pop out of cover to aim, stripping your stim.

Against several enemies at once, especially in 2.5 damage Horde? Hell no. As I said it is best when you can isolate the enemies, which is a bit easier to do in Escape. Don’t get me wrong, I kinda think that the card needs buffed somehow, but I DO like the idea of needing stim to use it. There could also be a better way to get stim in the first place. Pretty reliable with Execution Shield in CQC but Lifeline is such a meh card to get it from range.

I could have sworn that they fixed it to stack at some point, but IDK. Haven’t checked in a while.

Well, IF they have fixed it then I take it back whatever I said :joy:.

Lol well they could have fixed it at some point and then broke it again afterwards with a later patch, like with the Shock Grenades and GL bleeding from it.

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