Nomad feels worse in Horde lately

I’m not sure if there’s a damage difference between Swarm Elite Hunters and say, Palace Guards, but I’ve been able to take Torque hits previously from Elite Hunters. I know there’s that thing nowadays - possibly a glitch, where a Torque will down you regardless of things like stim. I think alot of it depends on the status of Bait Armor, as the value increases based on hits taken. So if you’ve not taken any damage for a while then and get Torque’d straight off, then you go down instantly as you’ll only have 10% extra damage resistance (from the initial arrow hit). I’m pretty sure if you’ve taken a few hits from other small arms fire and Bait Armor is applying 50-60% extra resistance then you should be able to take a Torque.

Nope - a Hunter Elites Torque of course but im talking specifically about Therons and Palace Guards, even in the forgiving 1-30 Wave Theron Elites down you 2 secs after stacking up the Bait-Armor. They also rip of 80% of a Silverback - they also deal more Damage then Hunter Elites when Hi-jacked btw.

Still getting used to the lancer in enemy hands lol. Run into the middle, activate the ULT, Lancer drone sneaks up and completely wrecks me in one go lol.

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I was expecting to have some Problems as Blademaster because of the Lancer Drones but turns out they’re too slow for the Blademaster lol.


Their bullets hurt a ton which is worse than the chainsaw.


Aye, was completely the same but thanks to some serious help from a forum member I now keep my claw equipped for when they rev up the lancers and its amazing lol. Now I just need to apply that tactic to my Gunner, but honestly I keep forgetting lol.

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On OP-Topic just a couple of Ideas i had.

Nomads Armored Shot should work the same Way that Bloody Shot does. (Actives do Bleed)

Maybe change his Consecutive Shot stack to 40% per Shot

Increase the stun Effect on feared Enemys a bit.

I’ve come to prefer this as a build setup over using the Mulcher. More flexible at any range, can stun with main weapon or a Boomshot(for clusters) while doing good damage when enemies start closing in(especially good for bosses, any type of flyer, and Scions, even if just to open them up for further attacks from teammates), though it does require a locker with at least 3 bows(1 used, 2 in reserve on a level 3/4 locker) if you plan to do some active shooting.

As far as the Nomad is concerned… well, I can see how the Fear execution build may be rendered less good by the larger amount of Scions, and I doubt all the Mulchers and Boomshots make the life of the class with that build any easier. But a sniper build will likely still be able to do good, Consecutive Shot can make the Longshot a very good weapon even if you don’t want to use the Markza(not sure about EMBAR, not tested). At least in the right hands.

Landing a few shots with markza mastery + consecutive shot recharges your ult insanely fast (even faster with crit and precision damage perks leveled up a bit), fast enough to pop fear on scions multiple times, assuming you don’t miss your shots. Also helps to use intimidate too for those fear headshots.

A hybrid sniper/execution build has been working out for me so far, that extended fear radius card has been working wonders in fending off any scions close enough to do damage, I normally play Nomad with support in mind, I only ever go on the offensive if drones get too close.


Nomad is weird class. Depending on the card setup it can play as a front line fighter, a sniper, or a kind of support class.

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Nomad…if you see a Nomad always getting MvP, he’s the Beast of Nomad.

It’s the Highest Skillful Shooting Class required from high output.

I think he’s way more suitable to play in Escape rather than Horde, because most of them including me suck at Damage Output in Horde.

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Don’t forget armored shot for bleed damage on all ballistic weapons.

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Not really, there’s many different builds you can use with this class because lots of his cards work well together in many combinations (except for certain few that many won’t bother using like the energy card or rain down)

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With the increase in drone class enemy types i’ve found myself using the boltok stun with any nomad build. With consective shot it works well.

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I’d bzzz people if the freaking boomshots/R4 Salvos weren’t downing me 20 feet away from where they blew up >.<

I had one game earlier that was literally nothing but juvies. Felt like thousands of them. Had to go buy a new shotgun for my infiltrator, because I’d ran out of ammo half-way through.

On topic:

Nomad can still slay just fine, and like others said there are a variety of ways to do it. Sniper, CQC, Support (I do find the Assault classification weird at times).

For the CQC Execution build, I usually always run the Gnasher card, Actives + Fear allows me to pretty much 4-shot Scions on Master waves 11-40. Afterwards it is about 6 shots. This helps tremendously to deal with all the big enemies that can’t be executed, and is fairly comparable to other big CQC class damage on these enemies.

Execution chaining is still fantastic, I usually have the Retro since you can be much more aggressive with the charge. The Chainsaw is best as a more defensive Execution method that I keep on a low level locker as backup, or with the Markza for a Sniper CQC hybrid.

The Sniper build can shred, though a good Marksman can make you cry by 1-shotting everything from further away lol. Longshots with Nomad’s ranged build are still great though, so I’ll usually run both that and Markza.

Fearsome Aura is a super-underrated card. Allows for cross-map scaring and can be easily spammed with the absurd Markza damage. If it is close enough to be easily shot it is close enough to glow purple lol. Not to mention you can take pressure off teammates in other lanes entirely without even having to move lol.

I wholeheartedly agree. Yeah, SURE, technically the description says that enemies will retreat when in Fear. But honestly in practice, and in most cases, it is just an extremely frustrating hindrance that is detrimental to Nomad’s own ability to get kills, and makes it unnecessarily difficult to take advantage of the double damage passive to Feared enemies. I so wish that sprinting was always disabled for Feared enemies. Act 1 of multi-act Escape hives show that it isn’t even really OP either. Should just be the default behavior IMO.

I agree. It can still slay but seems to have to work significantly harder than all other Assaults (granted it kinda also has Support attributes). In Horde, enemies now run away extra fast due to the modifier switch (which don’t get me wrong, I otherwise love Aggressive Enemies).

IMO the double damage passive to Feared enemies should work on all bosses, even if the big ones still attack in the process. It sure doesn’t seem OP on Stumps, Wardens, and Sentinels. I have also seen the Wakaatu actually glowing purple for some reason. Further buff already in the works (I hope)?

In comparison to the other Assaults, Nomad is probably best described as the Jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none class, since it can do a lot of different things but the specialist classes of course will do individual things better.

To better encourage that versatility, IMO the Precision Damage perk should be changed to an All Damage Perk. This would also buff the Gnasher to go with the card, and the Armored Shot bleed. Combined with the other 2 above changes that I wish for (Fear disables enemy sprinting and the double damage passive works on bosses), Nomad would be perfect IMO.

Makes me like the guy even more, as it is one of the most unique and creative classes in the game. @TC_MichaelAOS could you show your awesome creation some love?


An addition to a passive may help (my usual suggestion)
Feared enemies also move at X% reduced speed.


Just to Mention, sometimes Fear can cause Enemy to walk especially for the Elite Grenadiers (They usually walk by Fear), but mostly they’re running in a Marathon and you’re like a Dog chasing them.


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Maybe not so much part of the passive but just an additional trait of what Fear does to enemies.

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