Nomad feels worse in Horde lately

There’s so many more Scions and Wardens now than there were previously, and for an Assault class the Nomad is quite useless against them if there’s no nearby drones to execute and you don’t have your ultimate up. Anyone else feel the same?

It feels more like Nomad should be support with some of its builds.
It doesn’t seem to be up to par damage wise with the other Assault classes. The double damage on feared enemies is a bit redundant if Aggressive Enemies is on because they run so fast that you can’t safely get to them.

Consecutive Shot and Marksa Mastery does good work on them if you hit your shots.


I guess in theory

I hate the Markza, though


To be honest, I think it’s best to just ignore the broad class categories (assault, tank, support). Often the class category doesn’t even begin to describe the function in a real-life game.


Consecutive shot, any weapon and it’s all good lol.


It’s just you
Marzka + consecutive is the way to go
Perk up too

But again it’s nothing compared to OP demo

If enemies would behave like they do in Escape - Act 1 Paduk would easily be top-tier. I don’t understand why Fear makes them run a marathon instead of aimlessly wandering around. Weird attempt at promoting barriers? Lazy progamming? Guess we’ll never know.

It’s even weirder when you consider that Paduk is Michaels own creation (something he brought up a few times during dev-streams).


Same goes for Gunner

Just to add as well, since the Locust returned to Horde, I have noticed that there are some waves where you get silly amounts of the same enemy including DR1’s and Scions. The flip side is that occasionally it happens with other enemies like Rejects and Juvies too.

I had a Horde game on idle last week while I was working (for the stars - I’m working from home) and at one point turned to the TV to see the AI Bots all dead and a group of 5 DR1’s stood around their COG tags (plus a couple more in other parts of the map). I’m pretty sure this didn’t use to happen and there were restrictions on some enemies in terms of numbers.

And today I had it on idle while I was having dinner, and saw a boss wave where there was nothing but Rejects and Juvies (plus a Matriarch). There was literally nothing else - no Drones, DeeBees, Scions - nothing but Juvies and Rejects. I’m pretty sure this didn’t use to happen.

Are your cards low level ?
He’s a tank

The increase in Scions does seem a little much. The daily mutator that gives them a permanent Anchor shield makes that day’s game(s) a nightmare.

Cards are maxed. out for Months.

I use to love playin Gunner with Mulcher Build, he’s still pretty solid but not really fun any more with all those Insta-down-Theron-Torque-bows,Dropshots, Booms flying everywhere.

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The Gunner is decent, but in some ways I find that alot of people don’t use this class in the most optimal way. They tend to fixate purely on a single weapon - usually the Trishot or Mulcher. The best Gunners I’ve seen tend to be much more flexible and change weapons about - the Serrated Edge card makes the Torque very powerful.

Lately I’ve been using the Anchor alot, and they are beastly. The ultimate recharge time is the same as the Gunner, so jointly they have the fastest ultimate recharge times of all classes. Plus I love the frontal Barrier ultimate - it lasts a decent amount of time and not much can get you behind it - just Dropshots and grenades thrown through it.

And blademasters bzzzzzzzzzz everyone… Which is rare though (randoms) :joy:

You pretty much have to run bait armor and perk health
Torque build is great

Can’t say I’ve had issues with mulcher. Build but sorry for the torque pain /(

Of course i do use that Card it still won’t change the Fact that Gunner has a Hard Time now with all those Big Enemys (which by the way is a Change i really love)

10%-60% Bait-armor won’t stop Torquebows by Theron Elites or Palace Guards no matter how much Health you got going on.

Something needs to be done, maybe turn is Mulcher Card back to 120% idk.

For Blademaster nothings really changed - maybe it got easier because there won’t be a gazillion Shepard Enforcers on wave 41+ shooting you. :joy:

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That’s not really gonna solve the problem, though.

It kind of will fix the Problem with Boom and Drop Scions
In late Waves you’ll shoot for your whole Ult. duration and the Health of the Scion will be around 90% when your Ult. Runs out and you get shot in the Face by a Boom ect.

Torquebows can be avoided atleast sometimes but a Boom while Carrying a Heavy Weapon? not so much,