Nomad do fear cards affect fear execution?

Terror says extend fear duration to 14s and faze applies fear for 9s during execution i dont know if it stacks or applies

With that being said a total fear build works pretty well on master lol just using both lancers and my last card being damage resistance, im useless for bosses though so i just grab a flamethrower

P sure it specifies it extends ultimate range not all fear range

I’m pretty sure the Fear cards specifically state they have a duration of their own while Terror only works for the ult.

Kind of a pointless card though, imo. Normally you don’t need 15 seconds or whatever it is of Fear to get a chain started or chase off a Warden/Sentinel/Guardian.

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Yea the aura specifically states ultimate but the other card just says fear duration

I was just looking for another card since others wouldnt really apply if im just a nomad executioner, i figured the fear extension would give the team time to recoup, i guess i could use lifeline or something or concussive rounds

You could use one of the weapon cards or Consecutive Shot if you wanted to shoot some stuff. But if you wanted it to be a pure fear executions build, then you can probably get more use out of Lifeline that gives stim to teammates, or Concussive Rounds to set up a Drone enemy for an execution more easily.

Unless your Nomad is low level, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding good cards to fill its slots.

It doesn’t stack.

Terror is just for ultimate while Faze is for executions.

Armoured Shot is a solid choice for damage, if not the flamethrower, because you’d have Stim nearly all the time.

Terror does come in useful at times, especially when you use it as last resort or to push massively, or if your base got overrun, it could help a lot to give some room and time.


I like Armored Shot alot as well. The Boltok can do a nice amount of bleed. On harder difficulties and higher waves it can be hard to maintain stim, especially with an execution build where you’re kinda on the frontline, but if you have team mates who can give you stim (Anchor is excellent; and to a lesser extent Veteran and Combat Medic due to limited range) then that can make up for it.

If i have a stimmer then yea i use that, but on my own keeping stim is very difficult so i only use it on certain maps where i can be a sniper

The Terror and Fearsome Aura cards only apply to the Ultimate, not Faze (execution Fear) or Intimidation (headshot Fear). Those non-ult cards for triggering Fear each have their own set radius and duration. Kinda unfortunate, I wish they all stacked too, but that is the way it is.

There are more than plenty of cards to choose from for an Execution Nomad build. While Execution Shield and Faze are the bread and butter of the build, followed closely by Menace, you can also use:

Concussive Rounds (Boltok headshot stun drones and DBs to set them up for executions)

Nomad Armor (32% damage resistance might not sound like much, but can really make the difference on wether or not you can get that crucial, clutch execution to start chaining).

Armored Shot (you will have stim constantly from Execution Shield, so this can be a convenient way to do a little extra damage. If things are scared off of an execution from Faze, you are also less likely to get the stim shot off, too).

Gnasher Mastery (get an Active reload, and you will do 4 times the base damage as long as the enemy is Feared. One of my favorite Horde options for helping me deal with Scions and other big things in CQC).

Consecutive Shot (an option if you want to make a CQC/Sniper hybrid, and can hit your shots).

Markza Mastery (best paired with the above, for a very effective CQC/Sniper hybrid).

Lifeline (more of a support card for teammates, IMO).

Hope all this helps.

Yea it sucks they are separate cards

I do use Menace and the Resistance card, i just switched to concussive so that i could stun a drone before going to execute them, before i was using flashbangs

After i get an execution i pretty much go for chain executions instead of shooting and when that is over and im returning to my base i tend to lose my stim on the way otherwise i would use the AS card, also i use both lancers so my damage wont be that great anyways, which also eliminates the other cards from being used since they rely on shooting

When enemies are a bit further away i use the retro to get to them and then switch to the regular lancer to continue the chain executions

With this class i help the team alot by keeping them alive, im just more or less useless for bosses unless i grab a freeze or fire weapon

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