Nodezeros Classic alt video

For those who watched the video, how can apply this remapping to tournament mode? I play tournament and want the same benefit as remapping classic alt to the same button.

Don’t think it’s currently possible inside the tournament control scheme itself because it doesn’t have a button solely dedicated to slide-to-cover that you can remap/add a roadie run command to.

If or when they decide to do the update that allows you to prioritize slide-to cover over roadie run/roll you’ll likely be able to do it that way with a toggle.

Using the classic-Alt setting, remap the following:
A to LB
X to LB
Y to X
LB to A

This basically simulates Tournament with minor differences, like neck breaking meatshield is on LB

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Thank you so much! Cant wait for FFA and 2v2

Glad to help :+1: