@Nodezero or anyone at TC really

Honestly if anyone at TC doesn’t have to be Ryan could read this and implement this feature it would be amazing. Please remove the PC icon next to pc players names. It would benefit the community in these ways.

1). Less toxic. You might be wondering how? Well people can’t attack PC players for being good players if they don’t know they’re PC players

2). Less people crying on the forums. The amount of people I see complaining about pc players is hilarious and shows their clear lack of skill.

3). less people complaining about cross play so actual issues can be brought up. Hard to complain about cross play when you don’t know you’re playing with a pc player

4). Taking away the PC icon doesn’t affect the game negatively in anyway.

5). If there is a hacker they will still be very obvious without the Icon.

PC players don’t really have any advantage outside of the Longshot. And having a mouse doesn’t automatically make you good at the game you still need to have some sort of skill lol.

Even a decent Xbox player can still fairly easily kill a trash PC player and a decent pc player can still kill a trash Xbox player. The console you play on doesn’t affect a 3rd person shooter like gears of war. Even with TC removing a lot of the skill gap gears 5 still requires skill to be good.

You will find PC players better than you and pc players worse than you. And Xbox players will experience the same. It all comes down to the individual player not what that person prefers to game on lmao.

I’m a Xbox player myself and a lot of my friends are mainly PC players and are equally as good on Xbox or PC. They might need 1 or 2 warm up matches when they switch between PC and Xbox but their skill doesn’t change at all. Because get this, They are good at the game lol. it’s almost like the PC isn’t what makes them good.

Anyway even if you don’t agree with any of this just realize that this games player base is extremely small currently due to TC and if cross play was removed the game would basically die on PC and the Xbox would soon follow.

ALSO YOU CAN DISABLE CROSSPLAY IN RANKED. And really if you’re that bothered by it in casual you need to take a step back and remember it’s casual


Gears isn’t successful because of PC players< cross platform can be advantageous given to how much extra control is given to mouse and keyboard players. And yes usually it rarely makes a difference facing PC players minus their usually vastly superior Ping somehow.

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Never said gears was successful because of cross play? I said this games player base is extremely low and if cross play was gone it would kill the game on PC and the Xbox would soon follow with the rate of people dropping this game.

And honestly mouse sensitivity is pretty much about it for the “advantage” makes it easier for snipers and wall bouncing but you still need to know how to wall bounce when to wall bounce and how to properly execute it even with the sensitive being higher.

Edit: I assume they usually have better ping due to them being wired. But the better ping could be a disadvantage when everyone else has like 40-50 ping and you have 10-20 makes it hard both ways

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So much of this revolves around masking the fact that you’re a PC player. Well, on console, I wanna know when I’m facing a PC player because they have certain advantages over console players, and it has nothing to do with cheating.

All of gears 4 was built up with updates to show who was on PC, and to just remove that in favor of a few ppl wanting to hide their PC status would be plain silly.

Idk if you play on consoles or not, but when crossplay is possible, PC players always have a distinct advantage, and you should know this.

Asking for this doesn’t help anyone but you and PC players. I say no dice.


I have played on both PC and console and i see no advantage to pc in any way.

so what is the advantage pc players have?

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The 2 that spring to mind are the keyboard and mouse which if used properly are superior to the controller and can help with turn speed and at times aiming. Also the pc has a slight advantage with the peripheral view. These are not major game breaking advantages but they are advantages.

Now obviously Xbox users can take up the option to use kB+m but most wont as console users in general have rarely used a kB+m for games and a big majority would laugh at the thought of playing a console with one. This is reality.

I personally have no big issue with crossplay but I think console players should have the right to chooses whether they play with pc players or not especially now that it has already been given as an option.

And tubbie I understand you are only saying remove the disable option from quickplay which is a fair point but I could see even that being an issue for alot of console players and if most console players don’t want to play with pc players at all I think it should be accepted.


Seriously… The problèm dont come from keyboard and mouse, it’s purely technical, framerate low latency etc… Pc version is smoother and faster and also it gives you something more in social quickplay… Look at pc players ping in social… And dont forget quickplay is host game based like custom lobby… Stop talkin about that ■■■■■■■ keyboard and mouse ! Hardware is à problem on gears… Xbox x on monitor vs fat xbox on regular tv… Who is advantaged ? Hypocrite…

Sorry some of your points are not correct.

Versus runs at 60 FPS no matter the hardware, it was designed that way so pc doesnt have a fps advantage.

Ping if effected by your internet connection not your platform.

Quickplay is still hosted by the gears servers, there is no host player in quickplay.

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Let me laugh…

Have you ever pkay this game on fat xbox +regular tv and then you grab thé pc version… Man it’s night and Day… Much better on pc and im pretty sûre it’s about hardware and I got différent ping on xbox around 25 but pc got me 16 ping so… Its weird :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I have played this game on xbox one, xbox one x and PC and in all versions i barely notice much of a difference between the versions, in versus that is, when it comes to horde and escape yes the difference is night and day but for versus i would say the difference is very little.

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Sorry i love gears but… There is so many technical problèms with this franchise, i mean since 2006…its ridiculous…


Im talking about versus :pensive: anyway, we got différént feelings about the game…


At the end of the day, ranked is where the toggle really matters. Who tf cares about quickplay. It’s just that, quickplay.

And I’m all for removing the PC icon, too many ppl cry as soon as they get merked by somebody with said icon.

I don’t think they should remove the toggle though. It was a highly requested feature since Gears4. They delivered on it, I think it should be kept. I personally don’t care about playing with/against PC players as I’m not delusional enough to think all PC players are Shroud/Dr Disrespect level players, but leave the option for the vast amount of players who’ve asked for it.


Sounds like a PC player who can’t find games… I’m assuming when you are asking for the PC Icon to be removed, you are also asking for crossplay to be forced onto everyone (so remove the ability to turn OFF ranked crossplay ? )

Lol @ only advantage is long shot. Give it up already… if pc isn’t a significant advantage then why spend all the extra $$? Because EVERYTHING is better,


It also doesn’t help anyone with it being there lol

my opinion on this my man. its that is better to play in XBOX ONE X… It’s the way it’s MEANT to be played.


I think JD and Marcus doesn’t like PC Environments and really hate Linux man .


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Most PC’s that cost around 700-800 can run almost any game. that’s only a little bit more than the original price of the PS4 and Xbox one. Most people buy PC’s because games are cheaper and everything looks better and it’s cheaper in general to just upgrade a pc every few years than to buy a new console every few years.

Only longshot has an advantage, don’t make me laugh. Any rifle is going to have a significant advantage. In addition, putting any decent amount of money into a computer and the processing power will ■■■■ on any console. Which is why PC players are consistently having lower ping rates than consoles. Any half decent PC player will lancer a battle 9-10 times with a console player. And if they get good playing with a lancer or Hammerburst or any rifle, they will dominate any lobby they go in.