Nobody mentions AI issues, yet, it is one of the worst in the game

Why is nobody addressing the AI ? Is that because people do not even notice them with all the game crashes and other bugs?
I lately played Gears 1 again on Insane, and as you can all imagine, the AI there gave a lot of headaches and were often bugged, aka useless.
AI got a bit better with Gears 2, and with Gears 3 they nailed it.
But this, my God, the Gears 5 team-member AI are actually so much worse than Gears 1, this is a joke, why has nobody realized this? At times they just stand there looking at you when you are in cover that they appeared to wanted to use as cover. In judgement they at least bugged you out of cover by just taking cover where you took cover to force you away (sigh…) but here, they just stand there and look at you (kind of creepy tbh). They get stuck on ramps and pillars like there is no tomorrow. On boss fights they just run after you at times and land between you and the boss and they always down. Jack is the only AI somewhat of use, the team member AIs however, there’s games from the year 1998 with a better AI, no joke ! This is ridiculous.

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Some times I’ve reloaded in the Campaign:

Got downed behind cover because I wanted to lancer a dude. Completely away from the enemy and right next to Del. He stares at me and I wait the entire bleedout time and die.

Was on that lift in the missile area with Fahz handling the controls. Me and the other 2 go down. Fahz I guess is hard coded to work the controls as the 3 of us are down and we bleedout.

Final level. I reloaded the checkpoint about 6 times in short time because of AI. Right after a cutscene? Marcus got smashed, instant death and reload. Next JD walks in front of boss and gets eaten. This happened with a variation of the squad mates those other 4 times.

There have been a number of threads about it, I have submitted a few bug reports and A few of us tweeted to the lead designer with video evidence.


I only played on intermediate and didn’t really notice anything that bad. I did notice enemy ai was a bit smarter, wouldn’t say harder but a few times an enemy would pop out in different spots instead of just poppin its head up to get shot.
you guys playing on insane? pc or xbox x or s?

The campaign and horde havebrain dead AI.

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I noticed this too, half the time they don’t follow me.
Sometimes they run around like a headless chicken, constantly running into my line of fire or into the enemy’s.
Twice I was throwing cover sideways and jack decided to go under it… boom game over.

They are so ■■■■■■■ useless my god.

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I only ever die to sires in horde cause the A.I. can’t handle the pressure of saving me.

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I liked how Jack could revive me and other squad members in campaign. Usually because the AI squad members would die in dumb spots lol.

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The A.I. in gears 5 are atrocious. They’re gears 2 level bad. Constantly had to restart checkpoints because Del would get taken by a snatcher, I would free him, then he would just stand there again and get taken by the snatcher out of bounds and die. Then the bots in horde would just casually walk around hipfiring at enemies with the lancer like the MP bots in gears 2. I don’t understand how the A.I. got worse between games.

Side note: anyone remember 1v1 bot fights in gears 2 MP? They would literally just hipfire at eachother from across the map until the timer ran out.

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