No xp quit penalty

No xp now for the last fortnight on tdm im just getting -38000 quit penalty ive tried reinstalling the game nothing is working stuck at 78

you must’ve left a few competitive or ranked matches if you got a penalty.

You get competitive quit penalty if you quit ranked matches. Ranked is a commitment whuch requires you to play the full game. Quitting just causes a negative impact on the team that l ost a player.

Though, if you didnt quit intentionally like many others that posted here. Thej you should know TC are looking into the match disconnect and penalty applications.

Until they post an update on the matter, then there is nothing to be done apart from playing social im afraid.

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Stop quitting!


Look the majority of us here are dedicated to the game. So in the future think about your teammates when you decide to quit any game in the future. I been disconnected a bunch of times and never received a credit or xp penalty just a time penalty, so I don’t buy the disconnect theory when you have those types of penalties. Finish the game no matter how bad your doing and you won’t have that problem anymore.

If you want you can relay that to any other quitters you may know, we know your type rolls deep.

Lol. Man sorry forum couldn’t help it :rofl:

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As far as I know you are receiving these penalties because you quit so many times and the XP and or CR is being taken out because it was what you would have earned had you have stayed to the end and it has become a debt and you will keep paying it until that debt is payed or become a reliable player. Keep playing and eventually you will start earning again. If you have been hit with a penalty due to server issues then ask TC directly by messaging them and it can be resolved.