No words needed

6 minutes and 21 seconds?

That’s how military time works, isn’t it?


I believe so!

Escalation? That’s your problem right there. The population is likely very low.

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Uh no–it’s “Escalada.”


This forum supports English only. @GhostofDelta2, can we do something about this @Buster_McTunder fella?


Hey my acute knowledge of seventy different languages does not make me dumbfounded in the arts of the English tongue. I am prepared to fight my case.

Here’s 100 pages of Gears text to prove my validity of the language (Shameless plug).



I love you @Buster_McTunder

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Ich liebe dich auch, Krylon Blau

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You hot or something. Seems you man crush doesn’t have a shirt on. Not sure if that is appropriate for us single language American folk. Multilingual is correct word. Smh


As much as we’re talking about speaking in English. I’m not sure if I’ve fallen ill to a stroke or if that was broken English itself.

Which is technically a different language from Standard English. Time for the mods to remove us all.


Gears 5 is a work in progress. Fans should be happy that TC responds to certain issues in the game that aren’t working correctly. People do not understand in order to change certain things in the game. It has to be approved by the higher ups. For this to happen, you must present the problem and a solution that fundamentally works better. Which will keep fans coming back to play more and buy micro transactions. Not sure why everyone thinks TC can just go to a computer and change the game just that instance. If people would be patient and respect the fact, TC cares enough to address these problems. Even with all the raging over things that in time will get fixed. Just a game people so have fun and enjoy playing.

Well if they made the entire game in about 3 Years… how come seven months isn’t enough to fix some basic issues?

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Also after two minutes you should back out the search for a game. Then search again, I believe with the algorithm earlier player searches are not available and it starts searching for higher or lower skill levels with different pings or geographical location. So the first few searches are most crucial, This is just from my experience with finding games in all modes. It seems to work when I back out and try again. Instead of letting it search the great vast network of unknown.

Because they are on a schedule that was probably created before the game was released. They have to uphold that schedule and work out bugs. I’m sure they did not expect this must negative feedback with the system. They assumed it would work well with minor issues. This is not the case. They are responding to that in the best timely manner they can while upholding the schedule of the game.

It’s just strange that other studios with the same restraints can do more.

I’m not double checking my grammar or punctuation. So please excuse my blabbering. It’s not like Microsoft studios lets developers make instant changes that could either brings fans to the game or lose that fan base. They will have a say in it, and I’m sure it’s a aggravating process dealing with the political side of game development.

Gears 5 is the game pass trademark at the moment. A lot of customers just bought it for Gears and only use it for that. If they no longer enjoy Gears, then why keep game pass. The problem is the corporate side of things is greedy. And always wants more and more.

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I’m not saying instant change, just progressive change over the course of Seven Months.

Where have you been I could have used your support in multiple threads

I’ve been here just reading all this non sense people keep posting. What game has had perfect multiplayer servers? Let’s get real, to many factor come in to play to expect that. I have a constant ping of 20-30 and it doesn’t matter if the ping of the other team is 100. Also consider the console, the television the person is playing on. The controller the player is using. The type of hdmi input/and cable. All these factor into the actual response time and frame rate of the game. And in this game on step forward is the difference between life and death. So play smart do not miss shots. If you do, do not blame the servers for every time you do terrible. I had one game once, where my ping was 100 and I was lagging all over, could not hit anything with the shot gun. But the lancer worked well. I believe similar to gears one, it’s a host based server in some ways. Do we really think data can travel across the world, via air space, instantly and consistently? To setup a geographical server would be a good idea. But again who is going to pay for the design of this project? Will Microsoft have it in the projects budget to fund it? Also funds to pay to maintain and monitor these servers, where will that come from?

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