No what's up today?

So on facebook they said later this week? Did I misinterpret or they have no official date for the Whatsup?

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Later this week is accurate.


■■■■… more inconsistency.


Yeah they didn’t even say “tomorrow” which they’ve done a few times in the last. They said “later this week.” Honestly I think this means they don’t have everything even finalized yet which concerns me if something will get messed up again somehow. I’ve never seen a large game company consistently be so inconsistent with its planning and execution. I love Gears and I’ve really wanted to support TC, but it’s been the same incompetence for 4 years now.


Hey guess what I bet operation 2 gets delayed.

I’m not even hyped for it cause I know if I hype myself up I will be let down.

Plus Gears 5 has a long way to go to be a good gears game.

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Hey Griff,

I agree. Not saying TC is just Lazy but they almost seem like they don’t want to work on the game. Like they lost passion for their own game and just wish it would go away.

Like a bad date, or cold. I dunno, but that’s how I feel about it.

Maybe someday the Titanfall 2 team will be able to make a Gears game. Now that would be sick!

Hi there,

we already have a thread on this exact topic.