No what's up again again?

Twitter gets a teaser for the next useless skin but a proper what’s up is too much to ask for?

They can still release one… but I don’t think it’d contain anything interesting unless they surprised us with a Horde event(doubtful).

But that is almost certainly going to be a UIR themed Swarm Sniper that really barely seems to look different to the Sniper Elite except with a green tint to the metal. Kinda meh to be enough to fill a Store week.

TWIG Can and has dropped at wild and inconsistent times.

Them dropping a teaser is a good indicator that the TWIG is coming today.

Also it’s still early. This Week In Gears blogposts tend to arrive later - I remember them typically being at about 23:00 GMT, while it’s the What’s Up In Gears (the Thursday one) which arrives earlier. Also the “again” in the thread title is very misleading as it suggests that TC always do this, when in actual fact it’s actually fairly rare that TC don’t release a blogpost. It’s just that fans always get the time muddled up.

TC haven’t been that consistent with the timings of the TWIG. Sometimes it’s earlier, sometimes later when I see it posted on the forums. Hence why I was saying it can still come - if it wasn’t they’d just have put a message about it up already, I would think.

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You’re right in that they’re not consistent. From memory, I don’t recall them ever posting the Monday one at 18:00GMT, it’s typically later - usually around 20:00 to 23:00. Regardless, I get the impression that people just jump to conclusions when there’s nothing right on 18:00 GMT when this has never really been the pattern.

You mean like last thursday?

They have been pretty reliable with all of the Monday blogposts. They’ve missed a few here and there - one I can think of was due to the media silence due to solidarity for the BLM protests; and there have been times where they’ve delayed the TWIG blogpost to Tuesday instead due to public holidays. My point still stands. TWIG posts are typically much later in the day. Thursday ones (What’s Up In Gears) tend to be earlier.

I’m starting to get a bit disappointed in the new skins coming out, its almost like now that there’s no paywall they have no incentive to make good cosmetics anymore? :thinking:

Regardless, TWIG is unlikely to blow anyone away lol. TC have been known to announce/communicate at weird times, if you can recall when they had that Xbox server issue they announced at like 3AM CT that the issue was resolved :man_shrugging:

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Still no mention of any fixes or featured items.


Last weeks featured hive is this weeks news ? C’mon TC, freshen up Horde ffs. The tile map playlist was good but there are plenty of maps that never show up in Frenzy matchmaking…blood drive, checkout, reactor…you know…that map you spent 6 months making…

There is already one posted.