No what’s up today?

I know last week was skipped but I though there was a what’s up today?

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What’s Up don’t have a set time anymore.

You can just hope and pray to Santa, Mary Poppins, Frosty The Tiger, Yugi Moto, Goku or whoever else seems appropriate that it will turn up sometime today.

And be worth it.


I wouldn’t count on being worth it haha

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I think its more in order to send a wish to " THE GREAT AND POWERFUL WIZARD OF OZ " , by doing that… its possible it could happen man @III_EnVii_III

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I’m depressed as it is with this game and TC,

Let me hold onto something, a little hope that I may get to see some lit skins - not a single standard skin or a half baked loudout set or for gods sake slots for marks and banners :disappointed_relieved:

And please let them talk about hit Reg issues and matchmaking and that awful ranking system :disappointed:

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Made me laugh, considering that the Wizard of Oz turned out to be a con man. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I know man @jvergoth … however you have to remember that even though he was a " con man " he did granted the wish to all 3 characters… . using reverse psychology, so its possible that the OP @U_Gunna_Get_Got could have his dream come true… but not in the way he thought originally possible.

Its like me… I have been asking the wizard of OZ for a better Gears 5 game… its possible that by releasing Gears 6 my dreams could become true !!!.. not in Gears 5 , but on another version !!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ya I should have let u sit in happiness for another few minutes before hitting u with truth lol. But I’m on your level. TC hasn’t surprised us at all in years. Imagine some bada** skins or a surprise new map drop. But surprises are not TCs thing

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Nothing new for over 3 weeks.

Weak items for Christmas and New Years.

Literally hoping they have SOMETHING.

Even if they went look,

We can’t re-do all the Black Steel Characters but here’s 3 of the most popular/best ones and the Emissive Black Steel Set.

I mean,

You still gotta pay for them but it would be an amazing surprise!

But guess what?

They STILL haven’t released the full Chrome Steel Weapon Set !!!

And it’s been months since release!

I just don’t get it …

Multi-Million Dollar Game … backed by Microsoft… and we can’t even get good cosmetic skins?

In fact,

They’re a backwards step from 4…

I’m trying to give them money,

They don’t seem to want it?

So true. I remember in halo 3 days with Bungie we got surprises all the time. July 7, 2008 no event or anything they just said hey here is a new free map cold storage. Still remember it like yesterday cause I was so excited. TC has nothing like this in them at all

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everything is on hold until TU4 anyway. (TU4 is next week sometime)

They said in the latest stream that this week would have items and they hope we enjoy them.

they hope we would buy them… which you shouldn’t man… first the game must be fixed then you buy accesories for it.

its like buying bad asss tires for a car you don’t have… you have to wait for the car first.



But Bungie put effort into it.

Even 343 have a very active discord server with mods and staff posting all the time. I’m sure their forums have staff too.

It should actually be a lot easier for TC to comms with fans.

Because their Discord Server only has a handful of regulars and it seems the same for the forums now that launch is over and pretty much everyone seems to have left or stop caring.


It’s so hard to get a response.

Even Twitter can be difficult and rarely get a reply.

It’s just sad for such a big studio.

Wait, they did?


Base Skin / Bland Skin Variant
Ok Loadout Set

Whole week of content,

Amazing :+1:

They said it with a kind of glimmer of certainty that we’d be happy.

Im ready to throw money at my screen at this point because at the moment, the game is dead, matchmaking is slow, forums are dead, devs are silent, no news. Its just in stasis. Matches are taking so long to find in EU.

A skin would at least keep my

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Ya and everything they make or talk about “takes time” as they say all the time. Other companies seem to create content just fine. Strange

I’m sure they’re exited.

I just hope we will be too.

“Takes Time”

“Floating Ideas”

“We’re still learning”


“Can’t replicate issues”

Lol yup. This is just making me more sad