No What’s Up or Dev Stream


Thank you.

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And I still question what respect for the black and African communities has to do with working on news articles, or a developer stream for that matter. No issue with either of those communities, I’ve dealt with people from either before and they’re nice, but I really don’t get why you can’t express respect towards them while putting things like the aforementioned news article up?

Not caring so much for the dev stream as it would just have been another one with a guest featured on it with little interesting info.


Taken from another comment on a different website:

“It is a protest action. People are drawn to notice an issue once it causes a disruption to a routine. It‘s a similar principle behind protesting around an office building or on an interstate.

So people playing the game, if they haven’t been paying attention to the news, or if they haven’t cared about the news so far, may be drawn to engage more in discussion about police treatment of black people, racial injustice, or protesting.”


Too bad they don’t express the same kind of solidarity to their customers.

Had it been the old commercial model I wouldn’t mind but the snail pace and high response times are all due to the “Game as a Service Model” which clearly isn’t working here.

Thanks for the news OP,


So their protest is “we’re not gonna work?” Yeah, that type of protest is more disruptive when you’re the low level grunt who holds no power, not when you’re the one in power.


Lol. A Canadian based dev team using a US issue as a reason to neglect the community.

Dana, that’s laughable.


I only notice the lack of attention TC gives to their game.


…yet they had no problem posting the new weekly store on Tuesday.


Canada has various minority groups as well.

While the issue may be US-centric, TC is a Microsoft owned studio and are following the lead of their parent company.

I get what you’re saying but for once TC isn’t in the wrong here. And the issues in which all of this is being protested exist here too.


Plus the protests happening in Montreal and here in Toronto are problems Canadians are facing as well when it comes to law enforcement. It isn’t just about George Floyd, but about the Muslim women who was thrown from a 24th floor balcony



Excellent example.

Lets show solidarity by ignoring the fan base.


TC isn’t the only company doing this. Sony also postponed their PS5 live event to respect the current protest from Americans, Canadians, and hell even countries around the world.


This is what 2K (Borderlands) did. Then again, they did postpone their event as well.


I get it.

Got a Microsoft survey the other day. Asked me what I thought they should do to show support.

I answered make games and equipment and stay out of politics.


Listen, I know you’re upset at TC for this, but this goes beyond a sh*tty stream where they announce nothing of worth for a week or two.

They as a company aren’t the only ones doing this. Sony, MS, Nintendo, various developers and gaming sites have also postponed a lot of their work.

As companies they have to watch out for their image. Right now, MS’ stance is to postpone and TC will follow suit. They wouldn’t go against MS’ directives, it makes no sense for them to do so.

Sony postponing their E3-like PS5 event > TCs weekly stream

Its not that big of a deal tbh


No, the world will still turn 1080 miles an hour.

They released a new store.

Funny how money can’t take a week off, but communicating can.

Best I can tell, Microsoft still had deals with gold and specials this week as well.

It’s a BS excuse.


Does anybody remember if they did anything out of respect for the families of the recent massacre in Nova Scotia? I think they should close down the store for a month to show support.


Two would make me happy.

And not say a word during that time to show solidarity.

I would respect if they had an interview with Lester Speight, Eugene Byrd, or Dave Fennoy or something. Not just saying, “Oh we’re gonna drop everything (Except stuff that makes us money).” That’s basically like, “Well, we know we need to do something, but we can’t figure out what to do, so we won’t do anything.” It’s the laziest possible solution.