NO Weekly Weapon Skins?

So Im tired of looking at the same weapon skins in the store. They said operation 4 would bring more, but I haven’t seen ANYTHING new in the store AT ALL. and gears is seriously full of it releasing 2 skins in the progression, but spreading them out, like that’s an actual prize.

I can’t believe how intentionally lazy, or not caring, or wth they are over there. But clearly they not able to apply basic ish players want.

The Cosmic ones were released on Tuesday.

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Check the “New” and “Operation 4” tabs. There are 15 items that are new Op 4.

The store updates every tuesday and guess what happened on tuesday? a new weapon skin set.

There are many things you can complain on about Gears but c’mon dude.

Yeah, they suck tho. But yes finally something