No weapon skins for rank?

I waited all of op 2 to get my weapon skins and i didnt get any for my highest rank what a load of crap!

In the past it was 2-3 weeks after a new season began I think.

Well after like 2 or 3 months thats absurd and unacceptable imo.

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Haven’t got any for escape from the last 2 weeks…i’m owed 10 weapon skins???.. wtf

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Are those the same as ranked wep skins like diamond and masters? This is such bs i wont purchase any of there new stuff i am now an unsatisfied customer they will lose alot of my buisness

Octus tc tweeted they will be given out in the future.

The future lol what a joke…they had months to give us them …all my friends got theres at the start of op 2…now what another 2 months for somethin you should get instantly like gears 4. I think i will go to doom eternal until these guys wake up. Peace.

Didnt get mine either an i lost my rank a hour before the reset

c’mon TC.

when did they ever say the Gnasher was up for grabs this Ranked season? I could have pushed from D3 to get that…

whats the highest rank you achieved last season?

I just got them once I rebooted the game. They don’t look half bad.


I guess i will never get mine since ive rebooted 2x and nothing.

I’d bet it’s a slow roll.

What you mean bro?

Yeah, I haven’t received any of my master skins nor have I received any of the skins that were supposed to be awarded for top 5% escape during the last 2 weeks of operation 2. Stilllllll waiting!!

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Its a buggy mess!!!

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Everything they do is retroactive

Diamond 3 could not for my life get passed it… I havent got ■■■■ an i see ppl runnin around with flame gnashers

Please put in a support ticket:

Thank you