No Weapon Glitch


(BRADEN 5) #1

Has anyone seen a glitch where an explosion goes of and you lose the weapon in your hands and then can’t switch weapons or pick anything up? It’s happened to me twice now when I’m holding a dropshot. Thanks!

(Ektope) #2

When it happens, you could trying interacting with a Locker to solve the problem.

(mendigo2005) #3

… Until it happens again!

(BRADEN 5) #4

This ones actually a bit different. I have a dropshot, an explosion hits near me and my weapon disappears. I can’t switch weapons, pick up ammo boxes or jump on a turret. All I can do is run around…

(Belkain) #5

Yup, there are a few glitches like this one.

My favorite: as an engineer, move a sentry and go down, get up and the sentry is still there. Now try it with a locker, a lv4 locker full of weapons that are vital to the team, go down and… gone!!

(NUBinbound) #6

on the fallout map sometimes power can fall through the map and i’ve had bosses drop all their power through the map and not even max level pick-up radius can get it

(Saber Skywalker) #7

Yea, obviously …

That’s why it’s called ‘Fallout’ :smile:

(IGotASkrewLoose) #8

Playing as a heavy on drydock, my entire body gliched out of exsistance…just a floating weapon running around. Could still shoot tho.