No way this is simply bad net code

ok im not going to rant because myself and many other people have already done it but i have to ask, why does this happen so often now after this update? my shot weren’t the cleanest so i wasn’t expecting a down but my opponent was clearly shooting air. i even bounced right to dodge the shot that downed me be there was no point. I refuse to put the full blame on net code. there has to be something else wrong.

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Because right as they released the update, the game went free to play for a weekend and the pandemic had forced enough people indoors and playing games that the small number of Azure servers can’t handle the load.

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37% from 2 hits?! That was crazy. The rage level people gotta be going through has to be insane.


@Nineteenth_Hour that actually make a lot of sense. unfortunately

@SeeLogisticz yeah. like i said i wasn’t expecting a down but i also wasn’t expecting 37 in 2 .

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Turn off kill cams my man.


Also I just played some ranked KOTH. Server seems fine for me. I kept trading with this one enemy’s gnasher with my chainsaw though. Happened three times and it was never not funny.

You are right, it’s not just bad netcode.
It’s bad netcode, stacked on crappy design, layered with poor lag comp and insane MM. All stewing nicely in a pot of badly implemented ideas to make the game fair for even the worst of connections.
The game just seems to fall apart so often during play that it’s about the only consistent thing about pvp.

I’m still liking my “dynamic tick rate” idea from the last thread like this. The lower your ping, the lower your tick rate! Insane obviously, but oh so close to how it plays.


Plus Game Pass was $1 last week for new activations

The netcode is awful. That we can all agree on.

But even with this video seemingly recording in 30FPS, I was able to get somewhat of a decent frame of each shot that makes it easy to see why it was 36%.

Welcome to my game… EVERY TIME I PLAY!!

Which BTW, isn’t much anymore since the Vanquish anniversary came out.

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Good net code :grin:

That right there is why I stopped playing

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Only way to enjoy this game is not play VS. Play Horde or Escape and you’ll see such a difference.
Play Horde for a bit and then go back to VS and see how nothing works.

How this game has a ‘competitive scene’ is beyond me.

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Ya, it’s hard to tell exactly where the shots are landing with OP’s potato quality clip, but this looks like it has more to due with the nerfed hipfire magnetism (especially the first shot). TU5 removed magnetism on Gnasher hipfire beyond 6m, which imo has contributed to the feelings of inconsistency. If OP would have hard aimed that first shot, he would have received the benefit of magnetism, and more of the pellets would have landed. Hipfire has been made nearly useless in the mid-range.


I was speaking more generally than in specific relation to his clips. The video crashed my crappy browser, so didn’t bother checking it again
This is what I get for blindly supporting any thread about the poor online experience. Damn you OP! lol.

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So this is really bad, but it’s not bad for the reason most are seeing on the surface.
At first glance it appears that the player backpacked you, or killed you while facing other way. However in reality, I believe that there was such absurd latency that once you walked up onto the stairs, your character never left them.

The Kait saw you on the stairs and shot, you never actually rolled off of them from the servers perspective. However that window of time between when you walked onto the stairs, rolled away, and got gibbed, is the amount of time it took for your client to update to what the server saw.

This is what annoys me so much. The two of you are living in completely different timelines, how can a game ever be fair with this? Yes, latency exists in online gaming, it is a challenge that all developers need to work around, but its stuff like this that just makes me want to quit.

I swear some matches it appears as if the enemy team is incompetent… where we were matched for a reason. These easy kills where it appears that the player is barely trying to evade my shots, is probably just latency making them look like bad players.


Honestly, VS doesn’t have too many issues either… it’s playing VS in wild of public matchmaking where you will start to see frustrating stuff. I have friends from all over North America, from Northern Canada to El Paso Texas, I will play private matches with them and despite some of us being over 1500 miles apart, the game feels great. The Gnahser is crisp, the Lancer doesn’t fool you with phantom hit markers, and there is no sponging at all. It’s night and day.

I agree, this game at its core works amazing… for the most part PVE is flawless, but PVP could also be… I swear, Gears just amplifies the disparity in peoples internet/ISP quality.

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Thanks, i didn’t know! I guess I don’t pay enough attention to the streams…


  • Removed partial magazine reload feature – all reloads will provide full capacity to the magazine
    • A perfect active reload will result in fastest reload possible
  • All shots will now land consistently when firing immediately after canceling a cover slide
  • All shots will now land consistently when doing a quick pop-shot from behind cover
  • Significantly reduced inconsistent range calculation between the muzzle position and victim
    • Gib and pointblank damage thresholds adjusted slightly to compensate
  • ‘Poke’ damage max-potential decreased to 150 from 200
  • Reduced hipfire magnetism range by 2m (now 6m, was 8m)
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