No votes for Vasgar?

Does anybody ever vote for this map? I legit haven’t played it even once in like a month. Which is fine because I don’t like it but it’s just weird.

Hmm…maybe it’s because of the Breaker Mace? I like the map.

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Played it yesterday…apparently its not well liked…

7 out of 10 cats recommend Vasgar.


I like and vote for vasgar.

That would still be a “C” on a test.

Sounds like a victory in an election :smile:

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Worst map i hate it

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Vasgar has grown on me. I tend to pick it now if its an option.

I play this map at least twice every night I play.
Mostly quickly and ranked KOTH.

Personally not had this map as a choice since I stopped playing

I like it. Don’t get it why everyone votes to play Allfathers Arena though… I don’t really like it that much to be honest…

I love Allfathers!! Good gnasher battling map and if all else fails the Hammerburst!

It’s a terrible map, like most of them.

I always think I’m the only one picking the Hammerburst up… :sweat_smile:

I dislike and vote against Vasgar

Generally not a fan of the non symmetrical maps like Vasgar & Bunker

I agree Vasgar is a non-standard layout but bunker seems pretty symmetrical to me other than the pillars around retro spawn

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