No thrashball cole

so I had xbox game pass and had pre-ordered this game but I guess because I didn’t play before may 4th I never got to unlock thrashball cole? sorry I had finals at college TC and didn’t want to play until after they were over…

I didn’t want to spoil anything about the game but when I came onto the forums and saw some posts about cole in the game I figured he was unlockable after you beat the story or part of veteran missions but I guess not, I can’t find anyway to download the dlc either I assumed because I pre-ordered it would have automatically downloaded but I guess not :confused:

Did you buy it on steam or the store? steam is known to have lots of issues regarding Gears and bonus items.

If you preordered and paid full price before the game was released then you are entitled to get Cole. Playing before the 4th was required for gamepass users.

You can get him by winning 25 rounds of Thrashball

Gears Tactics :upside_down_face:


poop - sorry

no i got it through game pass…being told to play on a certain day or else no things for you is sort of bad practice, like I have other things going on in my life than being in a chair playing a game 24/7

@avaramis no worries lol there seems to be a common cross between the gears 5 thread and tactics for some reason :thinking:

Thanks :slight_smile:
I am inherently lazy and have been able to neglect where it says “Gears Tactics” till now.
It’s an easy mistake to learn from though - especially if I make it a habit to look

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