No Team Specific/Animal Snub weapon skin on San Diego event?

According to this :

There is A team Specfic weapon skin for Lancer, Gnasher, Hammerburst and Markza. No snub?
Like really? Is that a good option selecting Markza and hammerburst over the snub?
I hope we get it the future streams but It should’ve been on the San Diego event streams

Perhaps they will release the snub at a later time.

I use the markza a lot more than the nub my self. But if you also look theres no snub, lancer, or gnasher San Diego skins either

so are the team animal skins gonna be like the new Wenesday skins as they haven’t had any new ones on their since the syndrome skins set completed? Just curious also why is it team animal not just animal skins? anyways 24 hours until first stream curious if they will do what they did before new orleans and have a skin. Last time it was the corp snub which launched that series so maybe your snub concern for this team animal is watch their stream in 24 hours.

I’m gonna go with yes making them blue/red this time because people were complaining about locust/swarm using syndrome skins making it confusing.

That’s the new esports skins, for every event they will release a new one. After San Diego, the next event would be Fight Nights on October 3rd where another skin will be given.

I’m actually surprised they’re giving both lancer and gnasher together.

That’s because those weapons are in the Esports Supporter 10 San Diego pack

dont use me please

Maybe the remaining Animal skins will become available in future Fight Night events and this is just the start of this particular series?

thats usually how they do it no???

I’m not sure to be honest. I only remember seeing the event-related skins available from watching the event streams (Mexico City, Las Vegas etc). The Phantom skins were available in all sorts of different ways - I vaguely recall some of them (Emerald and maybe the Pink Phantom ones?) bring available through some timed challenges, like complete X-number of Escalation matches between this date and that date and it wasn’t until a bit later they were re-released on the Fight Night streams.