No support at all?


It really ■■■■■ me up. Not only that TC made a broken mess out of a fantastic game, they seem to shadow ban people from the chat.

I was NEVER swearibg or inszlting anybody however I just cant see the chat and people cant see me chatting.

YES everything is active in the options.

Same device, other account: Chat works.

Other device, my account: No chat.

Emailing the support: No answer since months.


Do you have chat enabled?
Occam’s Razor.

This is a common issue that TC never fixed, this impacted me personally on 1 platform (w10 store) but not on another (steam), same account, same PC.

Workarounds in the following thread:

If the first step doesnt work go down to what worked for me as I needed to change additional settings

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For me it is not working on all platforms. I will give those things a try and report back! Thank you!

Update: Does not help, checked all options in that thread.

Update 2: Next game, its working now! Thaaanks!

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Glad it resolved for you!