No supply drops?

Is there no supply drops this week?

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Supply drops have seemed a little bit broken since the 3 days free boost on Friday, I’ve received noticeably less than I did without boost.

Thank god someone noticed.
I was thinking that I’m getting nuts here.

Since I have lost my 40 days boost l,I’m unavailable to get a single ring complete no matter if I play Horde versus or Escape.
No scrap, No banners , no sprays no nothing

Last Friday with the free boost things seems to get back to normal and i started to get some scrap, so I was wondering if the supply drops only apply to boosts owners.

I completed a 50 wave horde match on Master difficulty yesterday which would normally generate multiple supply drops without boost, got zero even with boost but still got xp & skill cards.

I’ve been finding the supply drops are not showing up reliably in the post game results over the last few days. If I restart the game (this is on Xbox) then I seem to get most of them but they were lagging behind quite a bit. E.g. I was still seeing supply drop boost several hours after the free boost actually ran out.

I think OP meant there was no mention of the new supply drops this week in the What’s Up. They usually say what will be added to the pool towards the end of the post but there was nothing.


I did notice a new weapon skin as re-up rewards, though.

What skin?

It’s called “Get Some!” (Exclamation mark included)

That has been there for a while.

I haven’t gotten supply drops for about a week now. I think I’ve found a potential issue. If I sign in a guest account the supply drops will show up in my post game, but they won’t actually be in my inventory after the game. I don’t get any scrap either. It seems there is an issue if you have used a guest account. Idk. But it’s pretty frustrating not getting supplies or scrap.