No South African servers?

Just wanted to express disappointment, Gears have always had local servers for us here in Africa, seems these days all the hot games are hosted in “European” countries only.

So much for being inclusive.


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I remember back when gears 3 had South African servers. Those were the best days. I don’t see why we can’t have though as far as I’m aware there are Microsoft Azure servers in South Africa

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I got in touch with Microsoft SA with regards to this and they’ve told me that it’s up to developers to decide whether they want to use the servers or not. It’s strange though cause the guy on the other thread said that’s it’s not The Coalitions department with regards to servers. Someone is not being completely honest with us?

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I don’t think they are, there’s a mountain of pr/marketing / community people between getting the actual request through to TCs network Ops guys, frustrating experience.

I’m definitely not a coalition fan.