No skins for 2v2?

How long do I have to wait to receive my masks from the master me and many more players? We have the problem that we reached the master in 2v2 and we have received absolutely nothing, basically they tell me that my effort was totally in vain

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Same. 12 days already and not master skins.

Same :frowning:

Same here. They really dont want to give out ranked rewards to 2v2 players for some reason. Thats so frustrating.

Still no diamond skins for 2v2. I thought maybe with the new update, but no. Begin to think that we will never get them :cry:

Nothing here also. I must’ve replyed to my ongoing support ticket 5 times.

I received this on my last request, apparently you are already aware of the 2v2 problem. Thanks for reaching out and for your patience while we work through tickets.

Ranked rewards for Operation 2 have rolled out, but we’ve discovered an issue regarding 2v2 Gnashers. The team is working on a fix as we speak. Once this has been completed, you should see your inventory updated to reflect your proper highest rank in Operation 2.

Our current estimate is by the end of the week, but you may see them sooner. If you do not seen them by April 17, reply to this ticket only to let us know.
Please refrain from creating any duplicate or new tickets for this issue as we are currently seeing this and it is causing a further delay for our response times.

We’re working to get everyone their skins as quickly as possible and your patience is appreciated. You will receive what you earned, but it may take some time for us to respond with our current volumes.

Gears Support Team

That response is great. But their only response to me and many others has been “wait 24 hours and restart your console.”