No Shotguns in PVP?


I play mostly Horde and Coop VS Ai, I tried PvP, players against players, we have only Lancers,
it would be fun to have shotguns too

Have you tried using the D-pad yet?


They have been trying to add gnashers to MP since 2006. NATO keeps denying them.

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Only lancers!? When I try to play PvP, it’s mostly smoke, flash, frag, boomshot, dropshot, gnasher, talon, etc… So much heavy and exclusive weapons are there that I get quickly sick of them and try to never play with PvP again!!! :rage::rage::rage:

D-pad function is 500 iron or 6000 scrap. They may not have it yet.

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yo man do you have the tiger skins yet ?

they look cool !!

Perhaps you were playing arcade??

if he was playing arcade then yeah, he just doesn’t know what arcade means.

I know I didn’t get it.

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No, i dont buy from the store.

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I bought them… at first I thought they looked LGBT oriented however I’ve been using a few rounds now and they look quite good…

reminds me of the movie " THE GHOST AND THE DARKNESS" because of the bad asss Lions.

@eviljas247 @TheEmoWolfe

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I’m saving my Totems for a deebee or deadeye chrome steel skin, depends how many op’s before it gets added.

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U sure do watch a lot of old movies👍


@TheEmoWolfe I hope they add the chrome steel skins soon, since the ones we got right now doesnt look like them.

@eviljas247 Yes man I do like watching movies… I was borned in 83 that’s why I also have watched such movies that are old hahahahaha :smile:

How about charlie chaplin?
I’m surprised i ever found it on youtube, looks like an old cartoon played by real people.

Chrome steel charlie chaplin and buster keaton, lol

I’m more into marcel marceau to be honest hahahahhaa.

talking about skins @TheEmoWolfe they should add again the "TARTAN SKIN " for the lancer from Gears 4 , do you remember that skin ?

it looked awesome man

Haha lol, if only someone made that on blender and ported it to the steam workshop, i could have a good laugh on Gmod.

Sadly, i think i missed out since i started playing halo again at the time maybe…

I missed the Omen’s and Pure Chrome/Gold/Onyx skins.

I don’t like the new “Onyx”, kinda looks like carbon fiber.

I’m hopping on Gears 5, so my reply is gonna be delayed to probably 5 o’clock EST.