No Rewards After Completing 50 Waves

Just spent the better part of 2 hours doing a horde mode and fully completing it only for the match results to pop up and error out for all 3 of us. We got no loot whatsoever except the mediocre supply drop from leveling during the match. Honestly I don’t even want to play anymore after that. I just feel absolutely exhausted dumping almost 2 hours of my time for one single game only for it to error out in the results screen and completely screw us all out of progression.

The Xbox tags for me and my friends affected are as follows

. Little Tipple
. Ya Boi Boosh
. Stupidhobbitses

Edit: This has happened 6 or 7 more time since and I hope TC finds a way to compensate people for the loss of progression and time due to this infuriating error.


This happened to me the other day, been trying to stay away from horde since until it’s sorted out.


Edit - From my understanding we should see this progress at a later time.


That’s good to hear as I’ve done some horde. Trying to attempt to progress in the ToD rewards


Thanks for the heads up on this.

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how can we check the supply drops we get?