No Respawn Playlist

When i start playing Gears 1 i loved Warzone and Execution. TC removed them completly.
Why? Give us choice! Please stop turning Gears into a mindless shooter!
I would love to see a No Respawn Playlist (rolling lobbies) with Warzone and Execution.
Btw i don’t like Gridiron!

Well Gridiron is the 1 life mode you are asking for.

As for warzone and execution they were removed because of low player population.

Have you tried using the Lobby Browser? I know it’s not rolling lobbies but hey

U can’t compare Gridiron with Warzone/execution and i didn’t ask for it.

I didn’t compare them. You asked for a 1 life mode. Also how is TC tiring it into a mindless shooter?

I’m not a big fan of Gridiron as well. Maybe if they made the flag worth more I’d enjoy it more but you can thank Epic for the push to respawn game types with the introduction of TDM.