No respawn modes?

What happened to execution and warzone? Those modes were the best. At least make gridiron a permanent mode…


I think it has to do with the attention span and discipline of players. People are wanting more action and less of a chess-type game. No disrespect to anyone’s personal tastes, I like both ways of playing. Was hard to find Execution matches in Gears 4 and Warzone was DOA so I’m not surprised they’re gone in 5. I can’t really blame the devs if the demand for those modes isn’t there. The player base has just changed. I do miss playing Execution with friends though. The thrill of the clutch is something truly special.


Yeah, it sucks. As mentioned, it’s apparently because the community flocks to continuous modes by and large, leaving modes like Execution, Gridiron and Dodgeball underplayed. So they just removed them. The people have spoken.

It’s frustrating because those are my preferred modes. None of the current ranked modes are what I like to play, so I kind of just play PvE now.


Me. When I die and koth and I see the 10 second respawn timer I think “you have got to be kidding me! I don’t have all day.”

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