No ranked rewards

Still no master skins that I’ve earned in operation 6


I didn’t get my rewards either :cry:

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they’re not done sending them out, be patient

Is there someone at TC sending them out one by one? Lmao

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Yea it’s pretty ridiculous

Master skins aren’t earned. They’re given.

Op1 & op2 now that’s earned.

TC was overly nice & handed them out like movie popcorn.

Glad they stripped it.


That’s what u came to say…thanks I guess

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I came to say that because it’s true.

People come to complain like they earned it when it’s straight up given.

If you were under the struggle of what it meant you’d think exactly.

So if I don’t play I’ll get everything…good tip

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You obviously played or you wouldn’t have received a fake master title

So it’s fake bc I played to get it…mmmmm


You won’t understand the real grind if you’re not a op1 master

I got masters in 4-6 hours from bronze up in these parts titles it was stupid.

With breaks

Don’t know exactly mate.

Gears 4 Diamond5 rank was rewarding


4 was rewarding

Well didn’t play gears 5 until about 5 or 6 months ago, due to fact that it was a complete downgrade from gears 4

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That’s not the point of the thread though man. You’re entitled to your opinion but you came into a thread where the game literally bugged and is not giving out skins. They met to requirements to achieve those skins that TC presented to them and they didn’t receive them. That is a legitimate problem with the game regardless of what your take is on the rankings.

I agree with you but I’m not coming in here throwing around my oldhead opinion, I’d just make a new thread.


You’re right.

I was out of bounds.

My apologies @hitmancp77

Give it a day or two, sometimes there’s delays.

Playing against gold and under to get masters was fake. Op1 and and Op2 was where the matchmaking system was broken. You didn’t earn ■■■■. You stacked with a high skilled team and walked over noobs to get those skins.

You could not be bothered to play the next 4 Ops because people of real skill were matched against you and you lost your rank if you lost a match at masters.

They sure as hell did not hand them out like popcorn. But they sure made ranked matchmaking a whole lot more fair for the people that played solo or had people quit out on them. If every one got them then everyone would be running around with master skins and that’s just not true.

@GuiltyCrisis: given your negative comments streak from a few months ago (skins & movement tuning) and your recent positive “all’s good and play for fun” comments, I was starting to believe you were either brainwashed or replaced by a bot :smile:

This “negative” comment followed by a “my bad, you’re right attitude” proves to me you’re on a path to reach nirvana state, which is a great thing in this flawed Gears world of ours (I fully agree with you on the skins by the way).