No quit penalty for quitting after a teammate quits


This shouldn’t be difficult. If a teammate quits a game we should be able to quit without penalty. AND quit without having to force quit Gears. Or we should just be able to surrender.

Context, I just played three straight KoTHs where a teammate quit in the first round or just remained AFK the entire match. It makes the game absolutely unplayable. I’m a working father of two, I don’t have time to waste being stuck in games that people are too cowardly to finish.

I can handle overtuned rifles, OP flash grenades, an obnoxious store, etc. But being absolutely stuck in a game of 4v5 KOTH or lately even 3v5 is unacceptable from a game designer who is supposed to care about the player experience.


Yeah this happens to me all the time to be honest I don’t care anymore I’ll quit if someone on my team is afk or if someone quits I just leave I’m not wasting my time playing unbalanced matches with people who can’t roadie run plus and afk I just quit. If I get banned I don’t care. Punishing people for getting frustrated over a broken game is stupid


I agree man, I can’t stand wasting time in these matches. In the last two nights I think it’s like five of six matches or four of six matches have had somebody quit in the first round. It just makes the whole thing unplayable. And it’s so frustrating to me to know that if I quit games like this that IM going to be the one who winds up with a ban