No quit penalty for over a year

No quit penalty for over a year when u lose, sign out sign back in,… no quit penalty.
Why tc fake bout penalties?

But you still get Rank penalty, right?
Good to know, it probably wasn’t intended and could be patched.


I will be pinging @anon86589457 to see if there is a bug with the quit penalties…


They are pretty hush hush about this “no quitting penalty”. You can just leave games during the lobby and instantly queue again. There is the warning, but nothing happens anyway. It’s just there for scare.

I think they removed the quit penalty because of the following reasons:

  • You should be able to dodge hackers if you know they’re in the game
  • The PC version of the game crashes so often for people that giving them quit penalties for crashing would ruin their experience completely.

i been wrighting no quit penalties for months now on there weekly update.