No progress MP achievement trackers

Hello, so my MP achievements didn’t update since june, my 100k and 50k assists both got stuck on the sweet 69%, which I found cute at first, but after 3 months I’m kinda tired of no progress. I always counting the assists n kills I’m doing daily…

I’ve read 2 articles about it, one says to the support page, which I go on, but they keep sending me to the same support url so I can’t find a way to contact any, I’ve read an article in januari for redeeming a ticket so they can help, but also no link.
Some direct link for help would be helpful :confused:

Just a little further down the front page.

This topic may end up getting merged into that one.


Was just about to link that thread as well.

Also, if you want to understand a little more about this problem:


Didn’t know this. I’m stuck at 94% but only show 66k kills.

I give up. Just normal play, but no way I’ll double my previous effort.

For the record, even at 66k that’s top 1% leaderboard.


94%, some players were lucky enough to get 100% with the increase error, but it’s true: without willing to boost, getting the extra kills that you need to get is a lot.

And even if you are boosting, it’s a daunting and boring task.

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I kinda hoped they could fix it manualy per GT, silly me :frowning: I don’t have a 2nd account atm, looks bit messed up to do it that way. If this trick even 100% works?

The first gears games I’ve got 100% but from the horrible gears 4 I just gave up, 5 was nice but I couldn’t even finish the story as super glitched, first campaign I never did on insane. I live with the “■■■■ it” feeling for over a year, but I thought let’s do this crazy MP stuff as the trackers kept working, until June. But reading all this extra work makes me sad.

Do you have access to another way to play the game? Another console, a PC or cloud with Game Pass? Getting the game to sync your save from the cloud can also get the achievement tracker to update, and playing on another system will do that.

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So I simply don’t understand.

I just reset my Xbox.

Nothing but bits
Absolute carnage
Covering fire

All popped.


Pic for proof


I wish this happened to me lol. I have / had to legimitately get 100M damage, 100k kills and 50k assists.

The grind never stops.

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Lol. I believe the system is nuttier than squirrel poop.


None of all, just 1 old xbox one atm, no game pass as there zero games having my interest…

I wonder if it have to do with the types of consoles. 2 people on my friendslist having it without issues on a newer X. Even they only have area 50k kills in the stats they got the 100k achievo very smooth…

I have a Series X and have had inconsistencies with progress tracking. The 3 long Vs achievements updated for me on the 8th for the first time in 3 weeks for kills and damage and a little over a month for assists.

If you can’t use another system to sync the save, you can try deleting your local save. Go to “Manage Game and Add-ons”, select the save data, choose to delete and delete from this console. The next time you start the game it will download the cloud save. This is safe to do, it’s how you workaround dying in an Ironman campaign run.

I haven’t done the profile switch from the other topic, but with the cloud save sync / download, I get a progress update about every 3-4 weeks when at least one of the achievements bumps 1%.

I tried your trick with deleting the save file on my xbox one, even it’s bit different then on an x as you described, but didn’t worked at all.

Last night I’ve reset my xbox and downloaded all games back… Again no changes at all :cry:

I’ll would be more then happy if it would progress every 3-4 weeks like you. I don’t mind that at all. But as I’ve said mine didn’t moved since June… Normaly all 3 achievos would need to move 10% each. Since new tour of duty I already did 4 million damage. But as it doesn’t move I don’t find the energy to play more mp.

I even deleted the xbox app while I was rebooting, my first game was a 50 horde run as my fr were online, after that I’ve played a ranked match even I never play rank but do my stuff in custom or IA matches, hoping this would trigger something. But again nothing. I only noticed on my xbx app the 100 million damage achievo says 57%, on my console it’s 56%. Which is odd. But so it should be like 65% for sure. People always talk about being sure it’s 1% before it goes up but after sutch a long period I’m not waiting on a 1% lol

One small thing, I never donwloaded the campaign fully, after June there were big server issues with much delays, then I deleted the game and only downloaded the MP part as the campaign is super bugged. Today I also didn’t downloaded the campaign. Can’t see why this would glitch my achievements…

Count me as one who is now waiting for the Versus achievements to pop. All requirements done after manually tracking my progress, nothing. I thought being Steamworks would somehow help.

I still play to get a few kills/assists and maybe trigger the unlock.

Don’t waste any more time waiting!

Do this:

Sometimes you must repeat the method 4 or 5 times but it’s worth it and will definitely pop your remaining achievements.

I wish I were in that position, I’m still working on that awful Covering Fire achievement.

I’m the same, I was stuck on 99% for the assists for weeks if not months before it unlocked.

Reminds me of the original seriously achievement that never popped on 10K.

I said on this thread I play with the Steam version. I just can’t do this method.

Ah…it’s heresy, then.

Oh well, best of luck.