No point in replying to this post because I just make the post and then go back to playing the game im complaining about

The only thing that could actually make this game at least 80% legitimate rather than 30% at least for us on the west coast is making a server or servers that are always in the sane location every time we play. This game definitely caters to the east coast they are first they are online first they stay on longer cause they arent been forced on servers on the west coast
I bet money that all the top players are east coast
When the servers are to far away there us a gigantic list of issues with this game causing people to sit and spawn and just look at the wall until the match is over

Faster firing rate
They can shoot the behind some one or where they previously were and kill them
They can shoot while mid bounce, while jumping
And to stack on top of this we have several players with modifiers and in the caption of ranked match it says play against players with similar skill. Guess what thats an illegal advertisement

Yes, my favourite Swarm/Locust skin is Sraak. What a monster! Shame he’s only a comic character though.


I’ve been bodied by @RelaxingKoty who lives in US East more times than I can count, but I’ve never seen that man jump in my life despite me living in US West.

Ah yes. The players with modifiers that came from Neverland. The same ones we see every other week whenever someone complains about people hacking but show no proof of it happening whatsoever. :nerd_face:

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thinking Which is better… ah screw it, I’ll just put both in here.

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Couldn’t agree more.

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You think they recently watched the wizard of OZ while on a bad trip after playing against a team of cheaters
Image result for we're not in kansas anymore meme

A server in kansas doesn’t do anymore than a server in taiwan.

I just want to know who changed his post title.


You can hit the pencil icon at the top to find out.

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If you play a video game and don’t complain about it, you’re a sociopath and no one can convince me otherwise.

If you do nothing but complain or just naturally negative about the game any and every chance you get then you’re just as much as a sociopath. If you genuinely aren’t having fun don’t play, simple as that.

Its hard to tell with this dude because I don’t know him personally but when I do see him he has nothing good to say. Complaining is fine, we all do. Excessive complaining is ridiculous. Not sure why you’re trying to defend this guy lol.


Its not only that, he doesnt actually respond back to his posts when people try to give him feedback. He makes it and comes back in 3 weeks to rant about something new.

Hes a meme at this point. The forums wouldnt be the same if he wasnt here.


There’s absolutely no one way to gauge whether or not someone is like this based on forum posts — how many times have you ever seen a post on any game forum which says “Golly gee, this game sure is swell and im having a great time playing it.”

I literally brought this up. Its a double edge sword, maybe the dudes entirely different outside of the post BUT from what I’ve seen on the forums atleast hes just always upset.

Most forum post are just forms of discussion and debating things. Of course no one is doing your exaggerated example of a forum post. You can’t even have a discussion with this guy because he never comes back to discuss.

It’s just rant/blogging which honestly raises some flags based on what kind of person they are despite what You and I said earlier.

I imagine the guy atleast reads his post replies, maybe doesn’t bother to reply.

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Cali born and raised and I bet I could take your ■■■ in Gears any day.

Oh look! It rhymes.

Are you trying to say misleading?

They bodied me and I stood their with my Snub and took it! Obv hacks.

I think it’s real unfortunate you and OP have the same Gamerpic because I now forever associate it with “Missing brain cells.”.

I didn’t pay 60$ for the privilege to not berate devs that don’t listen to me. They get my money, I get to whine.

(They say Epic because they don’t know that TC is now at the helm, and yes I’ve seen this).

Like the people who think Halo is gonna become a PS exclusive because they acquired Bungie.

I don’t think he does. He may assume the devs are reading then take it personally when nothing changes. No telling. Could be a 14 year old with no concept of development. Could be an 06’ vet with an entitlement complex, hard to say really.

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I really don’t think a lot of people understand that regarding basically everything related to an online forum, the majority of interactions are going to be inherently negative. You’re either debating about changing, talking about things you want to see, or just outright complaining — and then the only positive posts are typically either news related, or sharing of some sort.

This applies to basically everything, outside of gaming very much included.

Some devs 100% read this forum, and I’d stake my life savings that they find it all absolutely hilarious. They definitely have a group chat where they share some of these posts and make fun of us — I’m sure my PC Advantage thread made it in the gc, I’m sure some of OPs post have made it, and I’m sure theres hundreds of others as well. The devs don’t (and shouldn’t) take us seriously, and if I were one of them I’d be doing the exact same thing.


And given the amount of grief the community give the developers, I 100% support them in laughing and mocking these elements of the community. Given the reactionary and stupid nature of many of these posts, the only thing you can do is laugh. As a wise man once said to their manager at work and subsequently got into a bit of trouble - “I could agree with you. But then we’d both be wrong.”