No Players in Horde Frenzy?

nobody is playing horde frenzy or matchmaking or servers are not working properly,
anybody found a game?’ players? anything?
there should be a limited waiting time, like 2 minuts, if no game/players is found, then the system hotsts a game automatically


May depend on region and difficulty level. I found an insane match within 30 seconds, but I’m US East

Worth trying, but I think regular horde 10 waves would be more rewarding without the limiting public only. Go custom inconceivable 10 waves for better results.

I would wait because it has only been about 3.5 hours since it went live. Give it a few days so people of different schedules can get online and download the update.

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still no players

It is difficult to find matches seemingly at any time of the day. I spent hours today searching for Elite/Insane lobbies and had trouble finding any that weren’t just one player sitting in a lobby with nobody joining in…

They really can’t bring it to Custom soon enough.

Apparently they just doubled the amount of cards given for a full run and increased character xp gains by a lot so hopefully that helps with the queue times.

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Took me a couple of minutes on Inconceivable. On Elite it was faster but everyone quit within waves.

There seems to be something strange going on. I’ve played several matches and always had wait times under 2 minutes, but I haven’t played a single match with 5 players. Most matches we’ve only been 3 players and two AI from start, in one or two matches we were 4 persons.

Hopefully this helps (Copied from Gears of War Twitter Post)

“We hope you’ve been having a blast out there in Horde Frenzy. To address some initial community feedback, we’ve just deployed a live update with further changes:
Significantly increased Character XP rate
Doubled Skill Card drops for full completions”

Edit: Sorry @IDONTuseMODz, I posted before reading all of the responses. Thanks for mentioning this already.


No problem, glad you dug out the tweet since I was too lazy to lol.

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I easily find Insane and Elite horde frenzy matches. However, there have been many times where there is no engineer in the group so we only get to round 7 or so

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no players even in elite or insane or master

Hey Magical!
Good to see you. :slight_smile:

TC Octus said they will add custom lobbies to frenzy soon.
The best thing to do is join with 5 friends and go in as a full group.
We’ll do this next time we can get 5 proper players together.

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